Narrow Gauge in Bosnia

Narrow Gauge in Bosnia

The main north-south line ran more or less along the same line as the current Ploce-Sarajevo-Zenica-Doboj mainline, with several junctions and branches. Starting from Ploce at the southern end of the line, the first junction was at Gabela, from where a line went to Dubrovnik and on to Podgorica. The second junction was at Sarajevo, this was a line heading east, Sarajevo-Ustipraca-Medjedja-Visegrad and on to Uzice in Serbia and points beyond. From Ustipraca a branch ran south to Foca (today called Srbinje), and from Medjedja ran a line to Priboj na Limu.

Back to the north-south trunk line, just north of Sarajevo at Semizovac split off a branch to Ivancici, and a little further along one from Podlugovi to Vares (which was also rebuilt to standard gauge but is presently out of use. Going further north we get to Lasva, where the east-west mainline connected to the north-south line. The east-west line will be described further below. North of Lasva, at Zavidovici, was a rather long branch line, Zavidovici-Cuprija-Olovo-Han Pijesak. Still further north along the trunk line is Doboj, which was and still is the biggest junction in Bosnia. From there radiated lines to Teslic; to Tuzla; and to Bosanski Brod (today called Srpski Brod) via Derventa, and connecting to the standard gauge line at Slavonski Brod.

Back to Lasva, heading west is the trunk line Lasva-Donji Vakuf-Jajce-Srnetica. At Donji Vakuf was a branch south to Bugojno and Gornji Vakuf, while at Srnetica the line forked in two. One line went north to Prijedor via Sanski Most where it connected to the Banja Luka-Zagreb standard gauge line, while the other went west to Licka Kaldrma via Drvar, where it connected to the Bihac-Knin-Split standard gauge line.

Finally, unconnected to any other line was a line from Bijeljina south to Ugljevik and Bosanska Mezgraja.

All narrow gauge services were closed in 1976.

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