Željeznice Republike Srpske Krajine, 1991-1995

Little is known about the railways in the "Republic of Serbian Krajina". It is known that 41 locomotives (including class 661 and 664 diesels), 91 passenger carriages and 1151 goods wagons were in the territory of the RSK. It seems that the primary services provided were armoured trains for the army; the remains of one such train, are visible north of Knin. Here is a picture of a part of these remains.

Scheduled passenger trains ran along the line segments Knin - Benkovac and Knin - Gračac. The rail lines which are located in the area of the former RSK were for the most part heavily damaged in the war. Other lines in the former RSK include Beli Manastir - Osijek - Vinkovci - Gunja, Vinkovci - Tovarnik (this line was damaged), Osijek - Dalj - Erdut, Vinkovci - Borovo - Dalj, Borovo - Vukovar (this line was also damaged) and a ways west of Vinkovci in Eastern Slavonia, and parts of the Knin - Ogulin, Knin - Zadar, Knin - Unešić lines in Lika, the entirety of Knin - Martin Brod, as well as Karlovac - Sisak, and Sunja - Novska - Nova Gradiška.

Diesel locomotive 664-055 (currently HŽ 2062-036, depot Knin) was used by ŽRSK to pull one of the armoured trains used during the war by Krajina Serb forces. Further, 661-002 (now HŽ 2061-025) was also used by ŽRSK. It was damaged during the war and is now stored at Zagreb Ranžirni, damaged but renumbered.

661-002 (now 2061-025) damaged during the war, now derelict at Zagreb Ranžirni

664-022 (now 2062-006) in service with HŽ
664-055 (now 2062-036) was used at one point to pull armoured trains for the RSK Army.