kkBB - Kaiserliche und Königliche Bosnabahn

Carevska i Kraljevska Bosanska Željeznica

Royal-Imperial Bosnian Railway

This 760mm gauge system opened in 12 February 1879.

The network had a total length of 355.2km. The lines were opened as follows:

The kkBB ceased operation on 27 July 1895; its lines and stock were taken over by the BHStB.

760mm Gauge Steam Locomotives

     A     B         C    D     E      F       G   H    I            J   K 
    1      B't       16  1881                      S  Steam         --- --- 
Built by Krauss, nrs 1-16. Were always used in pairs. Absorbed into BHStB as IIa2 1-16.
    21     C1't      19  1885                      S  Steam         --- --- 
Built by Krauss to Klose design, nrs 21-39. Absorbed into BHStB as IIIa4 201-209, 211-216 and 223-226.
    201    1'B1'     1   1894                      S  Steam         --- --- 
Built by Krauss. Absorbed into BHStB as IIa4 101.

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