Adenium in Thailand

There is nobody exactly knows when adeniums were brought to Thailand. It was expected that adeniums were brought to Thailand by royal dynasty in around 70 years ago. Because of ease of culture, adeniums were then widely grown in most gardens in Thailand. Adeniums adapt well to hot climate of Thailand. Although humidity seems to be too high for them, they grow well in open area with well-drained soil. Adeniums can flower almost all years around, especially in dry season. However all adeniums in the past are ordinary A. obesum with pale pink flower.

Modern era of adenium in Thailand started in around 8 years ago. There were introductions of new species and cultivars from abroad. Those exotically beautiful cultivars gained popularity in short time. High demand of new adenium cultivars has drawn many growers to grow and propagate them for hot market. Grafting technique is the best propagating method. The widely available old A. obesum stocks have been grafted with new cultivar resulted in handsome plants. Besides grafting, some growers also created new cultivars by hybridizing and selecting. Several new cultivars then were introduced afterward. Adeniums have got much interest in every plant shows they exhibited. Since then adeniums always be part of all plant shows in Thailand.

Once adenium were in popularity, a nice plant can be sold at very high price. Sometime the price is unbelievable. Until presently popularity has passed the peak. People can now buy adenium plants at rather low price but still be nice. Most adenium plants sold now are grafted on seed grown A. obesum or A. somalense root stock. This propagating method can create adenium plant with nice flowers while retain large beautiful thick root system.

Adeniums are still good houseplants, though they are not the hottest item nowadays. Adeniums are very easy to grow. They will reward you with nice flowers with less care. Let's grow adeniums !