"Take it from me, I know, this is the only way." Janous, a man of small stature but who has the look of a veteran fighter, said flatly.

The three of them were walking down a long dark tunnel. The only thing they hear was the splatter of the water, as they sloshed through the murk that was ankle deep in the tunnel and a rumbling noise comming from behind the right wall of this tunnel.

"It's really hot down here."

"That is because we are right next to the volcano, Jannia." The hooded man said. The only thing anyone knew about this man is that he just appeared one day, about five years ago,outside the Rouge camp. He could not even remember his own name so everyone called him Gray EAgle, Because of the color of his skin and the tattoo on his back. The name Gray fit him because noone not even himself knows anything about his past. The only thing that anyone knewfor certain is that he had the blood of their enemy in him. The only thing that saved him that day was the fact that he saved the life of Jannia the sister of the leader of the rouges from 10 enemy soldiers. Ever since that day he has worn the robes of the monks of old. Modified to fit his unique form. “Look Jannia you knew that this sewer ran next to the volcano. If you can’t take the heat then why did you come on this mission?”

“You know why I came on this mission Gray!” Jannia was one of the youngest in the camp. So everyone would treat her like a baby, or so she thought. “I can’t stand all of you treating me like a baby.”

“You know that we do not treat you like a baby, sis. Well I don’t. I treat you different because you are all I got in this world. Ever since Mom and Dad died.”

“Alright you two, enough bickering. We have a job to do. Let’s get it done and go home. Frankly I do not like being this far in Drow territory.”

“For a half-drow you seem not to like being under ground much. How can you help us kill your kin, Gray?”

“I told you before Janous, they are not my kin and kidding or not I really wish you would stop bringing up the fact that I share blood with those dogs.”

“Well well that is a voice I never thought I would hear again.”

“Who is there come into the light and identify your self.” Janous demanded as they all drew weapons: Janous two scimitars, Jannia a dagger and a small wand, Gray drew a sword that looks as if it was 1000 years old.

“Well Jason I see you still carry my sword.”

“Who are you talking to woman? There is no Jason here.” Gray grabbed his head as if in pain as he said these words.

“You mean to tell me that you do not remember me brother? You do remember how I saved you from your father? No. You got to be kidding me you are hanging with high elves? Get you hands off of him child.” The stranger said with an unpleasant tone.

“Who are you calling child I will have you know I am 230 years old. And why do you call my fiancé brother he has no family.”

“Look little girl. I have known Jason for over 300 years ever since we were kids.” As she says this she steps in to the torchlight. Revealing an older drow elf of about 400 years old. “It was I who told him to go to the rouges and of the plans of his father to kidnap you little miss. So if it was not for me then you would right now still be in the dungeons of Lord Qunarus.”

“How could it have been you Lady when I do not even know you?”

“Let me tell you this. If you do not know me then why do I know that your mother was a goddess and your father was the champion of Loth, goddess of the Drow?”

“Do you think we would be fools to believe that Grey is a demi-god? That is preposterous. If he was the son of a god then why dose he not have any godly powers? Huh woman?” Janous asked matter of factly.

“Well little leader of the rebels. Did you ever see him fight? Or did you ever try to wield his sword? Go ahead and try to hit me with his sword.” And just so you know my name is not important but you can call me Dark Eagle.”

"So you clame to be my sister but you say that I am the son on a Goddess. Then how are you my sister?"

"Let me tell you, Jason, true we do not share a mother but our father is the same." When she said the rest of this statement her tone was that of resentment. "Our father is the lord of evil himself The Warlord Kinthanus."

More to come of their adventures in one month.

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