Buring Sulfer

Today is September 25th.

who am i?
• Ashton. Girl. Christian. Canada. 15. Hazel Eyes. Right-handed. Friendly. Smiles. Sings. Sleep-deprived. No-life. Scribbles. Dorky. Nerdy. Emotional.

• loves: God, Craig, Jars of Clay, music, sleeping, poetry, ice cream, guitar, mints, the smell of my grandmothers house, purple, friends, my room, my eyes,

• hates: sports, pink, malls, my eyesight, compulsive swearers, long car rides, songs with meaningless lyrics, horses, shopping, pink

• Jars of Clay
• Ani Difranco
• John Mayer
• Saves the Day

• webcam: (more)

The current mood of ashton198@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

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