13/6/04 Animojo Studio's new website is called The only thing you can do there right now is take a poll which doesn't work... but its good to know where the website will be!
7/6/04 Jackshit is happening production wise, however, a new name has been decided, we are now called... "ANIMOJO STUDIOS" A new site will be available soon, until then be free to watch all our toons to date and new ones will begin production shortly, just as soon as Mohammed Abdul gets back from Hawaii!
Everyone a new competition has developed here at Hyper Team, the new name competition, that's right, Hyper Team is changing its name but we need your help, post all ideas in the forum (New Name Competition) and the winner all round will receive a signed PEDO shirt!!!
Director of Super Bizarro Man has just given us some excellent Bizarro stuff! Check them out:
Super Bizarro Man's Special Attack!
The nefarios Frog Trooper. Watch his eyes!
Steffanie Huntley is working hard on the next installment of Angel Light. It is due for release in the next 5 weeks. So begin the countdown all you Hiro fans!
Some information on Chris Hiscock's latest project, entitled "Jesus in this metrosexual world". We can expect a series of animated shorts followed by a feature film. Should be interesting. Also it is belived that Walnut is in talks with Hyper Team executives about a spin-off series "Where's Walnut?".
Two new toons for downloaden!!! First up we have Ultimate Nigel made by Steffanie. Can Ultimate Nigel and his misfit wrestling friends save the day???
Probably. Still on the theme of wrestling is Hyper Fights. This pilot episode is Pnut VS Goldberg. This toon is surely one to watch, as it contains a big surprise. Both toons are located in the Quick Downloads page.
Heart-throb Mohammed Abdul is currently enjoying a holiday in Hawaii, when he returns he plans to update his website with his holiday snaps, and continue working for Hyper Team.
Word has it that Pnut will be making his much anticipated return to film. Apparently in the works is, Pnut: Inside the Nutshell, a documentary which contains candid interviews with Pnut and cast members. Also rumoured is the live action Pnut movie, and of course a new animated series.
Bad news on the set of Super Bizarro Man - The Movie. Brad Burgoyne who is set to star as Bizarro Man himself must keep his leg cast on another couple of weeks. This is going to push production of the film back even further. Burgoyne's doctor also recommends a pin to be put in his leg, to hold his bones together. However there is some good news to come from this as director Chris Hiscock (Pnut) tells us: "Well it is dissappointing to have to wait for Brad's leg to heal, but it has given us more time to work on other aspects of the film, such as the costumes." Reports from the set also state co-star David Lee to be very excited is his debut role as Bizarro Man's best friend, Sonny Sanyo. Super Bizarro Man is set to be released in a couple of months so stay tuned!
Bradley Burgoyne who played Pennywise in the unnoficial sequel to Steven King's "IT" has just been confirmed to be starring as Super Bizarro Man in the live action film. Production of the film is expected to start soon.
Been a while since an update, what with the HSC fast approaching and all. The only person still making cartoons is the fabulous Steffanie(a.k.a person writing this update.) who has just produced two new Angel Light episodes. Nunchuku Adventure 2 is on its way aswell as the new series of Pnut, the Pnut documentary and the full length Pnut five for fighting video.
Pedo is now available to download!!! Watch out kiddies!
4 new toons have been uploaded. There's two music videos by Steffanie, the Adventures of Miss Hurtslot and Pokey Nose, our first Claymation, You can get to the Pokey Nose page with the toolbar. For the others go to this page for now: Quick Downloads
Hyper Team's First Movie "Nunchaku Adventure" is now complete. Go to the Official Nunchaku Adventure Websitefor more information and to download it.
We now have a forum! So sign up. There will be a section for people to give ideas for future Hyper Toons. Check it out!!

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