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Hello Hyperiums V2 players

Here is a new program to help you to use Hyperiums V2.
EHA: Easy Hyperiums Alert

Last Update : 17/10/2003

Description : Easy Hyperiums Alert, is a small program designed to bring you instant informations about your messages status in Hyperiums V2.
You can be warned on : You can be warned by :
  • Controlled planets
  • Fleets & armies
  • Trading relations
  • Infiltrations
  • Battle reports
  • Personnal messages
  • Cash updates
  • Other messages (alliance...)
  • EHA new version
  • Tray icon blinking
  • Popup window
  • Sound (you can choose it)
  • Mail (to be released)

  • Ranking chart

    View your rankings in a 3D chart (see pictures)... One point per rank per day so you can see your evolution...

    To Come : EHA Version 4.1
    Nothing planed for now

    What's new : EHA Version 4.0 BETA
  • Save your friends rankings (auto) and view them on the graph
  • Bug fixed
  • Work with Hyperiums V2 (it seems)

  • History : EHA Version 3.0
    This version includes some nice new features (i think) :
  • Work with both games (demo and pro)
  • History of your cash ticks (1 per day)
  • Interactivity with other programs (like the Mapper)
  • A custom tool menu, where you can add shortcuts to your favorite links, programs...
  • Auto save rankings!!!!
  • Keep in mind the last rankins in the table after save.

  • EHA Version 2.0
    New Features : Sample :
  • Saved Rankins Chart (see samples)
    • Multi angle
    • Save file into *.bmp,*.wmf
    • Keybord scrolling (zoom, scroll...)
    • and much more
  • Logout mode!
  • Connection bug fixed

  • click to view original
    click to view original
    click to view original
    EHA Version 1.1.2
    New Features:
  • Be warned on : EHA new version
  • Link to EHA web site

    Bug fixed :
  • Boss panic mode
  • Close error message

    And some changes in the report messages...
  • EHA Version 1.1.1
    EHA V1.1.1 is now Win2k and XP shutdown compatible!

    New Features:
  • Personnal messages
  • Other messages (alliance...)
    and other small changes...
  • EHA Version 1.1
    New Features:
  • Ranking table
  • Cash updates
  • Be Warned by Sound.
  • Some bugs fixed! (To be released this week)
  • EHA Version 1.0.1
    You can be warned on : You can be warned by :
  • Controlled planets
  • Fleets & armies
  • Trading relations
  • Infiltrations
  • Battle reports
  • Other messages
  • Tray icon blinking
  • Popup window

  • You're allowed to choose the time-checking interval (Min 3 mins, max ???)
      And serval options such as :
    • Display EHA state (checking,error...) in tray
    • Display next check
    Download : Download EHA V4.0 (beta test) (don't use any download manager ex: DAP)

    Feel free to download and share EHA V4.0 (beta test)

      You can also download older versions
    • No older version available
    In you can't get EHA please send me a mail at

    Links : Here you can find Talion's Best Links

    Stan's excellent mapper at :

    The permanent game of hyperiums at :

    Credits : This "product" is not perfect, if you got any ideas, problems ... anything you're welcome to join me!
    In the game message me as Talion
    Or at :

    Misc :
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    Thanks to Unknown & Stan for gfx... ça déchire! :)