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  • Even though the site is still under heavy construction, I promise that the site will be updated more often. Look out for MORE updated album reviews!

  • The chart results will be updated weekly from now onwards. And besides, they will be posted in Mandarin! However, no Chinese reader is required if you are using IE with the suitable files installed.



Album Reviews

Latest album reviews will be updated here. Contributions for album reviews are welcome if you e-mail me.


Chart Results

Weekly results of Singapore charts [Dongli 883, Yes 933 and UFM 1003] will be posted here, in addition to our VERY own Hypermart Kopi-O Top 20 Charts results, which you can vote for yourself!


Voting Form

As mentioned earlier, our website has its own charts! Vote for them by following this link!


Song Lyrics [To be added soon]

Song lyrics of the current popular songs shall be posted here... 



If you have any comments on how I could improve this webpage, you can sign the guestbook below, or e-mail me any queries or contributions, for example, for the album reviews segment.

Sandy Lam - Sandy Belongs To Me [Compilation]
A Du - Dark Skies
Matilda Tao - Youth
He Yao Shan - Sun With Love
Karen Mok - i
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