HWA 2001 -
The Year In Review
by Dean Pirie

Best Wrestler - Gary Riot - Although stiff just one word EXCELLENT.

Most Improved - The Rogue- Never used to take anything!! Now he has proved to be a true main eventer

Worst of 2001 - Sammy Ali - Don't like to say it but he is the hardest to work with!! He can somtimes be alright though...

Best PPV - Estranged Heroes - Fans chearing us on made us feel big!! A solid ppv with no messing about.

Worst PPV
- Meltdown- Could have been much better but so much messing around on an important ppv. Matches wern't up to scratch

Best Finisher
- Gary Riot's Riot Drop, this is really because its such a good move and he made it up all by himself!

Best Mic Skills
- Gary Riot - Very good over the passed few months, never really runs outta things to say.

Best Gimmick
- The Rogue - He was pretty much forced to do it, and he played it brilliantly.

Ratings out of 10 -
ChairMan    -  7.5/10 - Good wrestler but needs to work on taking bumps.
Always strong and good to work with.

Sammy Ali   - 4.5/10 - Used to be a good mic man, until he thought he'd start to argue BIG MISTAKE.
Needs to improve and i think he will!

Todd Cranium
-  6.5/10 - Deffenatly not what he used to be. Bump taking wise EXCELLENT but other from that just slipped.
Hasn't been main eventing for a while now.

The Rogue       -   7 /10 - 2-3 months ago i'd give him a 5! But he really has improved alot!
His gimmick has really made him a success, held his title well also!

Gary Riot
              8/10 -  Deffently improved all the time, never really had a terrible match.
Apart from his stiffness he is one of the best!

Double D               7/10 -  Well very hard to mark myself. But i think to come from mid-card to main event must be quite good right?
2nd Grandslam champion and HWA Owner is what really made me.

JJ Karnage           6/10 -  Now this 1 is difficult to judge because one time he is top the next he is bottom! He can perform outstandingly
though and we will miss him as he has left.

Poison               3.5 /10 -  Well out of about 50 shows i have seen him about 5 times! He could have been a good Big Man but not if he doesn't show.

Matt Atrocious    -     5/10 -  Again not seen enough of him, he has shown about 6 times whilst i have been there.
He could be big because he plays a good character but he must show up alot more!

Bean                    -     6/10 -  Not bad at all, he will take it but he can only give it about 70%.
He doesn't show much but thats not his fault as he lives miles away from us all!!

What's your most memorable moment?

Well probably when i hit a moonsault off a chair onto the ground in a fantastic match!!

What was your favourite location?
Marc Rhodes' garden. With the 'amp' out and all defenatly one of my best moments of the federation.

Best period of the fed?

Erm, i have liked most of it apart from where it was nearly over. But the BEST period was with 4 matresses on a discreet field it just RULED!

Favourite thing about fed?

Erm... Probably doing high-flying things and commentators going "Oh My God".

Worst thing about fed?
Just a bad bad ppv when we hype it up so much! Also getting hurt for no reason during a match!

Your thoughts on the ownership?
Well being the joint owner i can say i think i have done a pretty good job so far.
It has always been pretty good even when not being the owner!!

What do you see for the HWA's future?
Well with J.J Karnage and Gary Riot gone it'll never be the same. But i think WE can do a very good job of making it good and enjoyable again.

Best feud of the year?
Gary Riot and The Chairman has always been pretty wicked when they always turn on each other but return to put their powers together again.

Quote of the year?
"Oh My God" from the commentators!! Deffenatly the best thing to hear specially when you are the one who  made them say it!!

Rate the success of the HWA's year out of 10?
9/10 apart from losing people i am glad most of us got into the top 50 of the UK's BEST including 8th, 12th, and 15th!!

Sum up the year with one word
Adrenaline Rush!