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You've found the biggest and best Web site devoted to everyone's favorite reality-bending comics concept!

It's been TWO years since the introduction of Hypertime, and the subsequent introduction of the Unofficial Hypertime Website! Has Hypertime turned out to be as bad as many predicted in the beginning? Why haven't there been more Hypertime stories? What's the future of Hypertime? Find out my speculations in our new feature article, The History of Hypertime!

Take some time to look around. Check out our features, including the original Hypertime Explanation by Cecil Adkins, and our reviews and analyses of major Hypertime story arcs. Stop by our links page and see who else has some cool Web sites focusing on Hypertime and Hypertime-related concepts and characters. And don't forget to sign up for our HypertimeMasters mailing list, where you can discuss anything about Hypertime and time-related phenomena in general!

Cecil Adkins, Original HypertimeMaster


since 4/22/99
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