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Welcome to the ~Faerie Skyz~ web site! Make sure to keep checking back for news, links, contets, and more! This is also a graphics site so go ahead and download things for you guilds and sites but if you are caught putting my pics up for sale on you graphics site/guild you will be reported!
We have a point system to determin Member of the Month!  Here's how it works: When you join the guild, you have 0 points.  Each time you do something good for the guild, you earn points.  We will keep a list of how many points each member has on this page.  At the end of each month, whoever has the most points will win Member of the Month!  There is a list of ways to earn points and how many points you get for doing certain things below.  Good luck!
Below is the list of how
many points each
member has:

saturn_elfmagic - 205
puppygal1107 - 295
5behrld - 120
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