Psyche live at Reverb for DarkRave v17 2001



July 7,2001 at Reverb(Toronto)presented by DJ Lazarus:

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   Psyche, originally a western Canadian act, moved to Kitchener/Waterloo and Montreal before emigrating to Germany. They had not played here for some time. These were still into the first live dates featuring new keyboardist Remi Szyszka on soundtrack, beats and fx. They collaborated on only a few studio tracks including 'Sanctuary' by this time.

   Belgian electro act Implant was invited to open the 4 date North American mini tour for Psyche. Implant(link coming) had just completed some remix work on Psyche's Sanctuary EP . Implant got a good response from the audience.

   Arriving from the previous gig tour opener in Waterloo, Psyche were Special Guests at DarkRave v17. Most in attendance were younger and not aware of the band's back catalogue. Nasty song "Waiting For The Stranger"(from the New Rose days) that I requested days earlier by eMail was not to be heard under their current programme. They were still touring their Hiding Place CD as well as the newer euro release Sanctuary EP.

   Darrin Huss has been the core of the band and provides vocals as well as showmanship for Psyche live. The band was originally started with brother Stephen back in late 1982 as The Pinstripe Club. A brief membership included a young Dwayne Rudolph Goettel(later to play with Voice, Water & Skinny Puppy). After gaining their own audience in Quebec and signing to France's New Rose Records, a relocated Psyche ended up in Germany. As brother Stephen remained in Canada, Psyche sought the keyboard talents of David Kristian, Johannes Haeusler and Per-Anders Kurenbach at various times.

   a few pics from an intense show...


The band had just finished the mastering of their new live LP "Live 2K" and had a few CD-Rs for sale. This eventually became a standard limited edition release from the CD plant.

   A quiet Remi was just happy travelling to new places as Darrin was almost coming home to Toronto as a guest. Darrin's earlier musical influences may have included the sound of The Clash, Talking Heads, Alien Sex Fiend & Fad Gadget but his vocals are cast in the stylings of Marc Almond(ex-Soft Cell). Years ago, Darrin made a single under the side-project name "Our Heaven".


   An upbeat and personable Darrin was not afraid to show his influences or favourites onstage. They did a short segue to Smothered Hope as well as pieces of Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, NIN, Divine, Eurythmics & Soft Cell's Sex Dwarf. A truly enjoyable performance. Their popularity in Europe may keep them away from US/Canadian venues but now that they heave North American aistribution(through local Art of Fact Rec.) we'll see more of Psyche in 2002.

   a few pics from DarkRave after the gig


   I do have 2 short amateur MPEG-1 320x240 monaural Video clips of them performing live & will be post as soon as I can find a FTP Site that will accept 15MB+ single file uploads.


low-res Pics derive from a SONY CyberShot DSC-S75 camera.  Each image came from a 1280x1024 original and were lossy reduced.  Originals are better quality but keep in mind this was one of the first shows where I used this new camera.  These Images look smaller than they actually are.  GeoCities shrinks the original. Go to Image URL to see full size.  Geocities also only allows 20-25 page views per hour!  If you do not see all images try back later.


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