Welcome.  Not much for introductions.. But this is my site… Little disorganized,  This is my project of studies of "our" origins.  It will cover majik, Mythos, Gods, Angels, And just random cracked out stuff I'd happen to find humor in.. Otherwise, My life :D   hmm.. Before you tour, you really should view the disclaimer if you're the easily offended… otherwise, enjoy.. And comeback frequently.. Always working on it… :D

What to do when there's nothing to do..

UPDATED Oct. 21, 2001

      Corrected most of the mistaking errors of links and lack of titles, fulfilled easier navigation throughout most of the pages.. Somewhat sharper looking. Have up the 7 archangels referenced out of Azrael. Finished up on Azrael, Feel better, wish I could have written more. I've given up on the Atlantians.. Debating about ripping what I need for just one segment. *sigh*.  Kult has been updated. As has a lot of other things… just feel free to browse (hehe, that's a pun, isn't it) oh, and Arcane now has his picture up in the "who?" section :D

UPDATED Oct.1, 2001

      So tired… finished up, or gave up trying to avoid those nifty purples,,, Azrael practically finished… Angelic and godly references pages.,, (god's not in there) various corrections,,, your webhost is a reluctant alarm clock currently and it's mind is soo tired,,, just look around, this site is different.

UPDATED Sept. 20, 2001

   First off you should notice the colour change.. I took the back ground off.. Vote and tell me what you think or something.. *Shrug*

   Got the second half of "our name is Melancholy" typed up.. The more edited version this tyme.. Love the story, but I'm not gonna give it all.. Just the creationals…

    TRIBE pictures of my group.. Put them up there for the satyr… sadly it's 8:30am and I don't really know if I want to lift that final finger to send the email… touched up some links.. Um… what else.. Um.. Ooooh… WATCHED BARAKA again.. I'm planning on doing a movie page, that's going to be on there with "Mindwalk" … yeah.. It's bedtyme.. Soon as I load the site in

    please let me know if something doesn't work right…oO(you never call, you never write)

UPDATED Sept. 18, 2001

"Creations" no where near complete but has three things to look at.. One of the people *Atlantis* have yet to get back to me yet…Also have The emerald tablets in HTML at some point I'll add my notes to it as well...

  I finally made a copy of my Tarot Spread in the "Divination" section…

    um… Out of Smokes currently… Oh yeah.. And I fixed up more of the religion room page… .oO(if you don't smoke you wouldn't understand….)

   .. "How do you kill this" has been updated with a map even.. Some editorials.. Etc.  Too busy!  More later...