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No site is complete without a page of links. I'll keep you busy for as many hours as you have to kill.

Look for my kid-friendly seal of approval! Assume that all other sites are for adults.

bulletThe Microsoft Network
bulletMy homepage. Everybody knows MSN right? No need to say more.
bulletIf I have to fly, this is where I find good deals on tickets. Never use AirTran/ATA, their service and their planes suck.
bulletIf I were interested in the news - and I am upon rare occasion - I get it here, not from those media whores on TV. Except Jon Stewart, he's my favorite media whore - and I mean that in a good way.
bulletAtom Films
bulletShort, amusing and sometimes vulgar films, many animated or claymation.
bulletEmotion Eric
bulletNerdy but somehow cool Asian Eric will entertain you will his surplus of free time.
bulletA completely addictive time-waster, as if you needed another one. Adopt a pet, raise it, play clicky games. See my pets. I'm fairiefire.
bulletHumor photo of the day
bulletSublime directory's (yes, that sublime directory) photo of the day. The source of many of my pictures on the humor pages.
bulletKind of like Neopets with clicky games. My favorite section is Binary, the choose your own adventure that you help write.
bulletThe Onion
bulletI think this publication has been around since the Lampoon. Up to date coverage on what's new in Bizarro World.
bulletMovie Quotes
bulletHow much of a movie buff are you? Quiz yourself on movie titles based on quotes left by users. Leave your own clues too.
bulletIf I have to fly, this is where I find good deals on tickets. Never use AirTran/ATA, their service and their planes suck.
bulletMSN Gaming Zone
bulletTerminally bored? You'll find me playing spades and my son playing chess on here upon occasion. Some chat, so you may want to monitor your kids here.
bulletWhat has our fearless leader said lately that was so inane it'll be in a book of collected quotes? Refresh the page to see more, if you can stand it. Or, move to Canada.
bulletDiscover Magazine
bulletLearning is not just for nerds anymore. Mostly kid friendly, but often over their heads.
bulletLearn to do almost anything
bulletNo really, almost anything. Get a close shave, build a fountain.
bulletFor kids, for crockpots, all sorts of stuff.
bulletWhat did Nostradamus really say? Other prophets. No bogus quotes.
bulletPositive parenting
bulletArticles on positive parenting. A kid's section on how the body works, what color blindness is, etc.
bulletPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. And really, who's not? My problem with this site is the lack of ways to get personally involved without throwing them a check. Vegan recipes, local happenings, what to write your senator about. It's no bonsai kitty.
bullet Environmentally minded
bulletRoll your own blackout, get involved, save the earth - we humans are so pretentious. Some good ideas.
bulletAsk Jeeves
bulletYour personal butler for the search engine. And one for the kids too. I guess it's a butler if he's white and a slave if he's not. Hmm.
bulletSemele's Site
bulletShameless plug: My Dark Age of Camelot site.
bulletJessie's Site
bulletShameless plug: My friend Jessica's site.
bulletSteven's Site
bulletShameless plug: My friend Steven's site.

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