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We covered this already in the About Me page. Here's a recap with links.

bulletFairiefire - Where I got the name, the tattoo, and fairy photos.
bulletDVDs - To hell with BallBuster Video and their scratched discs, psyhotic return policy, and high prices. I buy.
bulletMy list
bulletRecipies - I try to make one new recipe every week.
bulletYum yum yum
bulletRants - I've got something to say.
bulletFree piece of my mind
bulletTheme Parks - I'm a roller coaster addict. Could be worse, could be tilt-a-whirl, hanging out with carnies until 2am smelling of cotton candy and cheap cigarettes. We try to spend one weekend a month in Orlando.
bullet Universal Studios
bullet Disney World
bulletDigital Photography - I bought a digital camera in the fall of 2002. I love it and am still learning what it is capable of. This link is to a photography site. See my photos from the Gallery link at the side bar.
bulletAnime - See my other site for lots of free anime - maybe to be revamped in the future, maybe not. Since all my sites are of no cost, they have limited bandwidth. Please bookmark and come back another time.
bullet Autumn's Anime Site

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