America's First
Stop Smoking Book!
Stop smoking as you read the book! Your eyes see the subliminal messages, but your conscious mind ignores them! Thousands of positive, up-beat messages flood your sub-conscious mind!

looks like a book that is chock full of over 100 techniques, methods, and strategies to make it easy for you (or someone you love) to stop smoking quickly and permanently - and it is! But, layered beneath the words you read are thousands of stop smoking messages that you don't read!

AND... there is a Stop Smoking
Self-Hypnosis cassette tape included in your package as well!

Side 'A' is a powerful hypnotic induction complete with a post-hypnotic suggestion you can use to reduce or eliminate urges, cravings and desires to smoke. It puts you in control and helps build your "mental muscles".

Side 'B' is
subliminal hypnosis! You listen to soothing music while hundreds and hundreds of subliminal audio messages slip unnoticed into your unconscious! It is a complete stop smoking kit!
You get it all - both the incredible Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis Book and the Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis Tape for only $24.95 (plus s/h)!!
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