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The Hypnotherapy Clinic
Ms. S. Ann Marshall is a Consultant in Clinical Hypnotherapy D.H.P.,C.H.P., (N.G.H. 2000) G.H.R. & N.G.H.
Certified Forensic Hypnotist (U.S.A.)(2002)
Past Life Regression Therapy since 1986
Certified Tutor in Forensic Hypnosis (U.S.A.)(2002)
Certified Tutor in Self-Hypnosis (U.S.A.)(2003)
Certified Paediatric Hypnotherapist (2003)(U.S.A. & Canada)    
Ph.D. Candidate (Psychology)
Corporate Stress Management  &
Self-Hypnosis Courses Available
Based in Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham
Co. Durham, U.K.

On this site I would like to help to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnotism and the use of hypnosis in analysis.
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My Speciality: Smoking Cessation
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Fear of Flying - a Speciality
Past Life Regression - 18 years experience
Find Your Phobia
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Relationship & Psychosexual Problems
"The Stress Killer"
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