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She later turned her attention to hypnotherapy as a tool to use for self-development and change.  She has undergone great changes in herself and is eager to help others discover their own resources to enable them to create beneficial changes within their lives.  Carole is married with five grown-up children.

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Dip.THP (N-Shap)
N-SHAP Accreditated Advanced Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Carole is a member of the Complementary Therapists Consortium, a groups of fully qualified, insured therapists, who work within the health sector of UK hospitals, treating both staff and patients with a variety of alternative therapies.  The Consortium are also available for providing individuals as well as corporate businesses.

Carole studied at the National School of Hypnotherapy in Regents College, London, UK.  She underwent a complete course of theoretical and practical training in theropeutic hypnosis and psychotherapy Dip.THP (N-SHAP).  She also completed a certificate course in the art of Brief Ericksonian Therapy covering application of BET to emotional problems, mood disorders and addictions.
For more information or to book an appointment, either telephone Carole Murray on 020 8922 5652 or email hypnotic_solutions@hotmail.com
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Based in London, UK, Carole became interested in the power of the unconscious mind many years ago throught the study and analysis of dreams.  She discovered that by acting upon dream's messages, she was able to move from feeling helpless to a position of self-reliance and confidence.  Carole has appreared on TV's "Heaven and Earth" as well as Disney Channel as dream interpreter.  In January 2002, she took part in LBC's medical programme where she interpreted dreams over the radio.
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