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HYPNOTIZE is a hypnotherapy studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We provide a full spectrum of hypnosis solutions for personal and interpersonal problems.

We've been operating in Ottawa, Ontario as a professional hypnosis / hypnotherapy studio for the last two years. With over ten years of prior investigation, research, and studying in the area of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Ottawa may be our home base, but we also service outlying areas and neighbouring metropolitan centers, like Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton. If you are located outside the Ottawa area...feel free to contact us. If your problem is interesting and important, we'd be glad to design an online hypnosis / hypnotherapy solution for you, or to provide you with pre-recorded hypnosis / hypnotherapy sessions to help you in conquering your problems.

Hypnosis offers a unique and stimulating means of approaching problems. With hypnosis, a dialogue between your conscious and unconscious can be initiated. Through this discourse, hypnosis allows a self-directed, safe and protective environment to explore and design solutions to difficult and recurring problems. For more information about hypnosis / hypnotherapy solutions in Ottawa, feel free to visit out website. Information to contact us for more detailed responses about potential hypnosis and hypnotherapy solutions to problems you may be facing lie within.

Some of the hypnosis and hypnotherapy applications available to you in Ottawa:

- Relaxation


- Stress


- Anxiety


- Addictions

- Past-life Regressions


- Sleep Problems

- Bad Habits

- Bereavement


- Disorders

- Healing


- Pain Control


- Confidence

- Motivation

- Phobias:

Hypnosis in Ottawa? Do you have a problem that you need to solve, but can't? Contact us, and we'll design a hypnosis / hypnotherapy solution for you.

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