Hey guyz! Look! It's my first actual web page...I'm making it in school, so bear with me some...I have no clue what to write
Look how cute my dog is! Especially in his orange shirt from Old Navy. His name is Duke, if you were wondering.
This is Brandon Moran, me, and Joe Moffatt at Brandon's brother's wedding. Brandon has a napkin on his head, and I swear he just came up behind me and started dancing. Promise!
You just GOTTA love Smurfs! If you don't, then you obviously have something wrong with you, and I don't think I can like you. Nah, just joking, but Smurfs are awesome
To find your Smurf name, click
Look at this cute lil monkey....Curious George is his name, and trouble is his game
Lookie who it is! It's me! On my 16th birthday with the flowers, angel teddy bear, and balloon that my dad sent me. Guilt can work like a charm I tell ya! He was in Myrtle Beach for my brithday that year. And I got better flowers than my mom!
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