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Welcome to drawing and sketching website. This website is about sketching technique and drawing tutorials. For those who interesting in drawing this website is suitable for you. You can draw anything and feel free to change opinion and knowledge about sketching to other friends in the forum area. You also can upload your great artwork to the gallery in the forum area. Draw anything on earth such as cars, concept car, product and teach people how to sketch.

Concept car tutorial


For this moment I will try to make concept car tutorial for you. I just want to exchange my knowledge in sketching concept car. Maybe you can give better tutorial and I suggest you can give your tutorial in the forum area. You can come out with any idea and knowledge that you know about car or drawing. I know there are many talent person out there who can come out with drawing and sketching technique.

Anything about concept car



What is concept car and why it is important to the car manufacturer. It is so fascinating to look at new brand car with extremely esthetic. Most concept car features new technology and have a eye catching shape. Concept car also known as a car in the future because it is use new technology for better and comfortable driving. Automotive designer have to think further to generate idea about concept car and what is the shape of future car. They have to imagine the car in the future and beyond them. Many concept car do not really realistic and never go to the production because of certain factors.

Sketch gallery


This is my simple sketch of concept car. My favorites shape of car and  I really like it. I only use pencil and pen to sketch but I didn't use any template for drawing wheels. Now I want to concentrate on making rendering. I just start to learn rendering a month ago but I am not mastering rendering technique yet. But I continue my study on rendering car. I just want to practice more because I really like it. If you have any works or illustrations, please feel free to submit in the forum area.                      

Forum and discussion room

In the forum area you can ask any question or give any opinion about the sketching and drawing technique. You also can submit any works that you have done.

Books about concept car

The best books in the market that have a lot of information about concept car. There are many type of books and it is absolutely the best for those who want to find more about concept car. These books can be use for references and for design students, car fans and automotive designer. Just recommendation.


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I  just create forum area for you to upload any works that you have done before especially if you have any sketches or artworks that relate to this website. Of course you can upload any artwork such as 3d rendering, drawing, car sketches, human potrait and many more. Be the first person to show the artwork because this is the new forum.