Let's just pitch that four year old 'look at my purposeless webpage!'


Much better. OK here's what's going on. My lierox page is still (barely) live and will recieve updates every so often. You can check it out here. My TI software site is also still online, although I haven't done anything new since, like 2004. If you want the software already there though, you can click here, otherwise there's not much to see. I've been getting back into animation lately and started working on a new project, Denzel Crockparent, the incomplete version of which you can see here. Other than that you're outta luck, so maybe check somewhere else. I reside on a few forums, most of which I've removed the links to in order to make this a TV-Y7 site. But you'll see me as The Spine on the Butch Hartman forum, Hyren on GU, and The Spine on KOL. Those are really the only places I still go to that often. So, OK, like, check out my site. Or not. But yeah, really do check it out.

But wait! There's an update!

I finally started a Links page. Remember, I'm trying to stay kid-friendly, so all non-kiddy links have a splash on them. Not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. Check it out here.