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This Month Recomended Games
1.Golden Sun (GBA)
2.DBZ: Legacy Of Goku (GBA)
3.Harvest Moon 3 (GBC)
4.Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
5.Grand Theft Auto 3(PS2)
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         N64  News
Have  you ever wondered  what the hook up was under your N64 was for? Well I did and I got right on it. This is a picture of the N64DD (Disk Drive). The N64DD Probably Played Over A 100 Bit Grafics Game But We Are Still Looking For New Info At this Time. Although the means of this device is unknown what we do know was that it was quickly abandond by Nintendo Of Japan in the first year of the N64 release.
By Vegeta
Summers Finnaly Here And this Is A Very Good Thing.Now We can Devote All Our Time
To Updating Cheaters Incorperated.I promise you this site will rock by the end of the summer. I Figured This site Needed New Game reviews So I Took The Liberty
Of Putting A Couple Of Games Up I thought you Would Enjoy.
P.s. If You Do Not Favor Cheaters Incorperated Please Do Not Sign My Guest Book With
All Your Little Immature remarks Just Pack Up Your candy _ _ _ And Leave.
         Well Talk To Ya Later ----- Vegeta   
Dragonball Z game Finally Released on the GBA. Dragonball Z;Lagacy Of Goku
The Eagerly Awaited Arrival Of The Dragonball Z Game  Is Finnaly apon Us The Game Itself In My Opinion Is Supreme In Grafics And Gives You Over 50 Hours Of Game Play.
  This Game can Easely Become The Greatest rpg of this year.
My Spider-Sence Is Tingling
We All Know About the New Webhead Movie Right Well The Funny Thing Is I Found One Of My Old Comic Magazines(of spider-man) and There Was A movie
Trailer For spider Man.The Release date was june 1995. Spider Man Was Played By Leonardo Decaprio.What Ever Happend To This Movie Mabey We'll Never Know. N e ways this is a cool game so pick it up at a store near you.
The Game Stats
Over Here

Platform                          PlayStation 2 Publisher                                Activision Developer                             Activision
Genre                                        Action
Number of Players                             1
ESRB Rating                                   E
Release Date                     Apr 17, 2002
MSRP                                        $49.99
The Game Stats
Over Here
DragonBall Z: The Legacy of Goku
Platform             Game Boy Advance
Publisher                 Infogrames
Developer                 Infogrames
Genre RPG
Number of Players             1
ESRB Rating                    E
Release Date
May 14, 2002
Game Of the Week

The Game Columns  Of Cheaters Incorperated
New Zelda: Hyrule Castle
Console of 2001 Is :
     Playstaion 2
Golden Sun
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: RPG
Number of Players: 2
ESRB Rating: E
MSRP: $34.99
Release Date
Nov 12, 2001
Cheaters Inc Rating: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Control: 10
Fresh Factor: 10
Game Life: 10

We Here At Cheaters Incoperated Herby award This Award To Sony Enertainment Of America
Cheaters Inc's Game Of The Decade
This Is By Far Our Fav Game. Hours Of Fun And Mystery to Unfold This Game IS By Far One Of The Best Games. I Suggest you By This One quick.
With The Same Principals As final Fatasy
this Game Throw in A Twist, You Can catch Djinn, Witch Is Another Adventure In It Self. Weld the 4 Types Of Djinn To Maximize Your Potential Power
The Game Stats
Over Here
Golden Sun
Top Rpg's Of All Time
Golden Sun (GBA)
Final Fantasy(GB,SNES,PSX,PS2)