Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Thunder Bay is situated on the shores of  lake superior, it is a beautiful city, with many trees of all kinds from evergreens to cedars and leafy giants lining it's streets.  This almost takes away from the city parks as the city gives the illusion of a great park itself. The Marina is just beautiful at any season.  The above view of the sleeping giant was taken from Hillcrest park.  The sleeping giant is visible many times along the highway driving into the city.  It is actually another park itself, not an island as many would assume. Sibley park (the sleeping giant) is accessible on the highway east of the city. It holds many wilderness trails and a great place to take your mountain bike.  If you are not careful you may drive into countless other parks along the way.  Just as beautiful and very impressive.

Looking a little towards the right is a view of the grain elevators.

Hillcrest park itself is a wonder of beauty.  After looking over the city and feasting your eyes on the sleeping giant, snapping pictures and sight seeing you can rest on one of the benches in this beautiful "Sunken Gardens" and take in the beauty around you.


Denis and I own some property in the country and here are a few pictures he snapped from the car window as we  were driving back.





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