Short, but true stories


Through the years there have been many situations that were serious and something unplanned would happen to upset the applecart. It was so hard to hide the laughter I felt coming,  to keep a straight face while trying to make  a point or not to embarrass the child. Often I did lose out to a smile or laugh I just couldn't hide and had to talk my way around it. I cherish those memories now and will share a few of them here with you.

Brother Jack
Jack said some very bad swear words. Mother heard him and said "everytime you swear God takes five minutes off your life."  Jack went quietly away and much later Mom found him lying on his bed facing the wall, awake but just staring at the wall.  Mother asked him "what's the matter Jack?" At this Jack burst out sobbing, rubbing his eyes, and told Mom...."I ain't got very long to live."

Daughter Ninette
We had a small shop and both working to make ends meet. Mostly I was able to be home for the children when they got off the school bus, but there were times I was unavoidably detained.  The neighbors were good and would certainly not leave them wanting.  But Ninette decided she was going to cook!  I don't remember what it started out to be, but the end result was a very soiled pot! I insisted all good cooks clean up after themselves and she must too!  I busied myself getting caught up with everyday things, and heard Ninette whining about how bad the pot was,  I called out  "use a little elbow grease" and kept on with my chores. It came time for the kitchen, when I walked in I couldn't believe it..... it was an uproar!!  Everything was pulled out on the floor and Ninette's backside was sticking out from under the sink.  I asked "What in the world are you doing" she replied "I'm looking for the elbow grease"!!!

Grandaughter Jade 1
Two and a half year old grandaughter Jade was very afraid of the thunder storm that just wouldn't let up. Jade said "Grandma, I'm afraid" I tried to soothe her with the stories of angels bowling and God moving his furniture around. But she sobbed, "Grandma I'm still afraid" I had run out of stories, so told her "Then it's time you talked to God. That's called praying, do you know how to pray?" Jade anxious to make anything work at this point said at the top of her lungs
"Yes Grandma.......... Hip - Hip ---pray!"

Grandaughter Jade 2
We live in Canada and were driving to a remote community called Pickle lake. It's a beautiful place, but quite a drive from our city.  Young Jade  was travelling with us. As to any child the trip seemed endless and she  was getting restless.  Trying to keep her occupied.  I chanted "we are going to Pickle lake".  Jades little voice chanted back,
"yes Grandma ... I pick the green one."
Grandaughter Jade 3
Jade is around nine and her mother is getting married. We had the video camera out and were having coffee at the groom's parents home.  Jade suddenly stood up and cleared her throat.  She started off saying she wanted to congratulate her mom and welcome her new dad to the family.  She blushed a little and said she wanted to sing them a song.  (she has a fantastic voice and we often encouraged her to sing) This, though, was her own idea and took us all by surprise.  We all gathered around to film her, thinking how nice a moment this was.  She started singing, and doing a beautiful job of the song she chose, (I think it's because her grandfather often asked her to sing it).  I felt so sorry for her, when the audience started muffling giggles and hiding smiles. The song she had chosen was the Patti Loveless song. Your lyin, cheating, two timing double dealing ..etc. etc.etc...........................

Planting a WHAT????
My three children are very close in age, and they kept me pretty busy, not to mention all the household chores, laundry, etc. but I am sure every mother can relate to that.  One day I had started a chore that I had to leave to cook supper, and clean up before I could get back to finish it.  The children were always so full of questions no matter how busy I was and for the most part I would take the time to give them a decent explanation.  This time though I took the easy way out.  The three of them called me to look out the window asking what Chum, our four legged vaccum cleaner was doing.  He was burying the pork chop bones he was given from supper left overs.  I said only "He's planting a pig" and went back to my chores. A week or so later the children were having a "picnic"  which consisted of peanut butter sandwiches and milk on the back steps.  They kept coming back for more milk, which was quite unusual so I followed the last out to see what they were up to.  The three of them were standing around a hole they had dug ............ yep!  You guessed it.  When I asked them what they were doing  they answered  seriously "we're planting a cow, mom".

Please note:
This was many years ago when dogs got all the supper leftovers.
We all know today that pork chop or chicken bones is a definate
"NO NO" for our four legged friends.

The following is copied from a posting on our local pet supply
bulletin board here in Thunder Bay.

November 6, 1998
Dear Diary,
About 6 1/2 weeks ago, my wonderful cat Charly, ran away or so I thought.  My mother and I would call him every night but he'd never come home.  Sometimes, we could hear a cat meowing but we couldn't trace where it  was coming from.  He had never been away from home for so long and  we began to think a fox or a bear had got him.  Still, we kept looking.  We called the Humane Society hotline in case someone had brought him in or  he was found dead on the road, but there was nothing. Then six weeks later on November 6, 1998 when I came home from a horrible day at school, my mom told me we had found him.  My neighbour was trying to sell a truck  and opened the back to show an interested buyer.  There they found my beautiful boy laying cold, terribly thin and horribly grumpy and weak, in the middle of the truck.  After Charly put up quite a fight, the two men managed to bring him home.  My whole family was overjoyed to see him back and once Charly recognized our voices, his grumpiness left him and he began to purr. The vet says to give him a lot of attention and keep him near food and water and he'll be fine.  Charly has begun to walk and eats a little here and  a little there.  I can't thank my neighbours enough for my cat.  I'm so glad he's home.


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