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Each subtitle is a link to a forum in which you are welcome to state your views. I am interested in your opinions and your reasons for them but would never call you up on them .....I expect the same consideration from you.
In this small space you will find some things you agree with, some you won't and others so far fetched you will want to criticize. The only real right you have is to leave if you don't like it. Remember first of all this is MY space, it is my right and

.....these are my reasoning's.....

Please note:
While I could never be described as "wishy washy" I do not fight the system. When there are house rules.... I follow them or leave the establishment to another place I would feel more comfortable. There are laws, I may not like them, but being an honest person I abide by them. I am also very considerate of other peoples rights and feelings. BUT, I don't appreciate anyone violating my space either! I will fight for that! What in the world gives anyone the right to treat a fellow who goes home and has a beer after work like a second class citizen? Who gave anyone the right to come into MY home, then complain about the air in MY house? I say get the heck out of my face and crusade somewhere else! If you read these pages carefully, you will realize I am not fighting the laws nor breaking any rules. However I do resent and always will resent the attitudes of these "holier than thou" creatures who seem to be everywhere today and think nothing of centring any person out in public. They disregard our rights and feelings and they will walk right into our space to do it! How can they sleep at night? You can apply this principal to any subject debated today. The "holier than thou's" are always there with attitudes and insults, forcing their opinions and rights down other peoples throats and think nothing of coming right into your home to do it!

See Kami Kinnett's opinions in my guestbook
She should have clicked on a subject title to enter her opinion in the forum where they belong. Like so many people today instead of tactfully voicing her own views as all of you are invited to do, she chose to come into "my space" to belittle me!

Therefore I feel justified in using her as the perfect example she has proven to be!

Who gave them that right? I? because I am too considerate of other peoples rights and feelings? Perhaps the time has come for a change......

I am happy Canadian! Don't ever doubt that! I give credit where credit is due, and always try to look at the bright side. While I do place blame on the government for the laws I well realize they were instigated by the people! This page is dealing with my opinions and in no way intended as a slam against my country!!! Nothing is perfect and I have my right to my opinions!

The links below are linked to specific subjects ... each subject title is a link to a Forum ... I am interested in your opinions and your reasons for them. Not to debate, just to understand why you feel that way, no matter if you agree or not.
Abortions Spanking
Assisted suicide Suppressed memories
Breast feeding Uniforms
Gun control Women's Lib
Prejudice Catfights
Smoking Passing The Buck

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