There are times, while "surfing the net"  I run into a site I feel is worth a great deal more consideration than it has been receiving.  A token link exchange or an award just doesn't  "cut it " sometimes.  This position cannot be applied for, nor can it be reached by any link exchange. In one case a site came to my attention through an award application. I certainly encourage you to apply for my awards but it does not guarantee a position in my Rave Review

Friday June 16, 2000

This site deserves a spotlight for many different reasons.  It  is just full of rooms to visit and the Queen of Kaos Kastle has a wonderful way of  showing you around her domain. Her tour is very interesting and she has a wonderful african  "violet room"  you shouldn't miss.  I enjoyed looking at her beautiful collection of african violets and there is access to other violet links she has gathered together for her guests.
I am proud to say this is a Canadian site! 

Kastle Kaos

Saturday April 29,  2000  12:48am


A new look at
Harborcrest Gardens
now  owned and operated by  
sisters, Virginia and Sylvia.

Virginia and Sylvia have been very  busy ladies, they took ownership of Harborcrest Gardens   last fall and if their website is an example of what they have in store for us there are exciting things to come!  I have been  browsing through their african violet list and am very impressed with the selection they have.  I understand they sell plants only but they are at very reasonable prices. I see they offer a free catalog to online customers. 
Go now, enjoy your visit and tell them Rachel says hello.



Saturday November 13, 1999

The "Truly Canadian Website Club" gave me a boost way back when I first started, by featuring Rachel's Reflections as a new club member. The website has grown by leaps and bounds and it couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Opps did I say "happen"???? That was certainly a bad choice of words!!! Carrie and Dan have worked long and hard at this project and it is obvious by the request for volunteers on their front page that it has grown substantially! Go now and explore a site I am sure you will enjoy. It puts any Canadian in touch with who they really are and who knows.... you just might meet your neighbour there. Their button and link continues to reside in my Thunder Bay Section.

Congratulations going out to:
Carrie and Dan on your success and certainly on your new nephew!

Previous Reviews



September 10, 1999 The Chronic Pain Support Group
Here is a place where you can find comfort in cyber hugs and caring people when all your medical problems seem too much to bear alone. Visit the site, take advantage of the links, go to the forum sit quietly and listen to (read) the problems of others, the gentle caring and kind words the members offer each other. Then realize you can be a part of all that too! Their cyber arms are wide open to embrace you in their community in their space on the net. They offer their prayers, love, respect, kindness, understanding and a shoulder to lean on when it seems there is nowhere to turn. Go now ....use the link below and know that no matter what your pain is, no matter how severe, what ever your are always welcome there. This is a site I wouldn't want you to miss. If you have no need of a support group I am sure you know at least one person who does.
Do that friend a big favor and send them the url or bookmark the link for them!

July 18, 1999 Colleen's Corner
Today living in the fast lane has become a way of life for most people and now more than ever we need a quiet, peaceful calm corner where we can relax and just be still for a moment. Sit for a bit, read the poetry and let the rest of the world rush on by while you enjoy this beautiful site and see the world through this ladies eyes. I first came upon Colleen's Corner a while back when we exchanged banners and have been drawn back to visit time and again. Today I present it to you in hopes you will enjoy and relax as I did. Browse through her collection of quotes on different subjects, read her gardening tips and tricks on bulbs, pruning, planting, watering and more. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and then sign her guestbook to let her know how much you appreciate and enjoyed her special corner.

PS... I voted for TiKi .... my four footed vacum cleaners would never forgive me if I didn't.


June 8th, 1999 Wolfheart's Fishing Page
Attention, heads up and lines reeled in.... take a break to click on the banner below and sign the guestbook of an avid fisherman. If you recall, I featured "Mahumba" in this section a couple of months ago, now meet a friend of his. Wolfheart.... a handsome blond haired, blue eyed 24 year old fisherman with dreams that will never be fully realized. Mahumba and Wolfheart had fishing plans laid out for the future, a "someday" trip they were working towards. These plans and a family's pride and joy came crashing down on April 6, 1999 with Wolfhearts sudden death. His death saddened many. His father is bravely carrying on this web site in memory of his beloved son. Go now and visit this special site, sign the guestbook, read the "Fisherman's Prayer" and give thanks that we can do this much for a mother and father's empty arms.

May 3, 1999 Rosemary's Dreams
This is a very special one. The web master is a personal friend of mine and I am amazed at her accomplishments in this past year. This special lady had just become a widow, when her very wise and thoughtful son in law sold her his outgrown computer. She survived the loneliness of this first year with the computer as her companion. She calls him "Pally". The closest she had been to a computer previous to that is a printout from one. Take into consideration she has never had any lessons, nor does she work with the aid of a webpage editor then browse around her site and marvel as I do at the work and time and patience she has put into this making up this beautiful web page.


February 22, 1999 Mahumba's Fishing Page
I don't know how many fishermen come through this site, but I am one woman who "fishes" and I enjoy it. This webmaster happens to be my son, but if you take a minute to examine the site you will see I am not biased. He knows his "stuff" when it comes to fish and has some fantastic hints that will be of interest to the serious fisher person. He even has campfire recipes for you! Yes... he eats fish too at times, though he is a serious believer in catch and release. Just to examine the photo's he has on site makes it a worthwhile visit. Last October, he helped deliver his first child, a son, and is already planning on teaching Jory the "tricks of the trade"

In this case this site was brought to my attention by an award application, and I certainly encourage anyone to apply for them, but it does not necessarily guarantee consideration for this position.

This site easily won my "Excellent Site2see Award" this week and it was obviously an award much deserved ... you can determine that as soon as you enter. It has something to offer to every stage of life and will keep you mesmerized for hours. I am still in the "discovery" process of judging this one and though I am by no means finished going through this site I feel justified in releasing my "rave review" of ........................."73online"

"an interactive portal site for the whole family."
Congratulations (again) to web master
Robert P. Kolb
for a job very well done.

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