We, at HySpire, like everyone else in America were touched by the tradgedy in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. We know how fortunate we are to live in this country which was built on the idea of Freedom for all mankind. We realize how fortunate we, as breeders, are to be able to enjoy this hobby of showing and breeding our Labrador Retrievers as we cross state borders all across our country traveling to dog shows and no one stops us to check our "papers", or turns us back because we are not allowed to travel to certain areas. God has truly Blessed America in so many ways.

This breed, the Labrador Retriever, which we have chosen has much the same spirit of The United States of America. They are kind and generous to a fault, and at the same instance strong, determined and loyal and we are proud to be involved and assosciated with our fellow Labrador breeders who have much the same qualities of these dogs we love.

HySpire Labrador Retrievers is the successful merger of two Labrador Kennels which strive for the same goal of a multi-purpose Labrador Retriever.
Established in 1969 HySpire Kennels produces Labradors in the true style of the all around dog they are meant to be. Our ultimate goal is a beautiful dog conforming to the standard of the breed with soundness of temperament and body. The HySpire Labrador Retrievers retain the hunting ability that has made the labrador Retriever the ultimate hunting retriever as well as the perfect family companion and service / assistance dog and we are pleased to have many HySpire Labradors not only in pet and hunting homes but also working for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Guide Dogs of the Desert, Guide Dogs of America and Canine Companions for Independence. For thirty years we have been striving for the perfect Labrador in our breeding program and will never lose sight of that goal. Please enjoy browsing and see for yourself what we have attained at HySpire. Afterwards please feel free to e-mail or call us for more information or just to talk about the Labrador Retriever.


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