I'm done with my Final Exams for this term. I hope I did well.


The Last Strong Bad Email



I also got a Strong Sad t-shirt, the "Strong Bad Sings" CD, and a surprise for my sister. Buy here.



Q. It seems that more than a few people around town fancy you, how do you deal with all the attention? 

A. I try to focus it inward, so as to strive toward self-enlightenment. That, and a lotta kicks to the crotch.

That explains Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7, when Bubs talks about the kick-in-the-crotch. I always thought that Strong Bad called Bubs pretending to be Marzipan and tricked him into kicking Coach Z in the crotch. Does this means that Marzipan told Bubs to kick Coach Z in the crotch? But Marzipan is an independent woman who can kick her crotches on her own. So she kicked Coach Z in the groin. But if she kicked him in the crotch, why does Bubs need to tell her Coach Z got kicked in the crotch? Or maybe she kicks her own crotch for some reason?

Or maybe I'm reading to much into this?

--Hysterical Woman, Homestar Runner Wiki Forum


Bush won. Sadness is to lose.


Happy Halloween, everybody! I did find some parties to go to last night, and I had a pretty good time. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.


I'm now on chapter four of Weirdoes in Paradise. Go read it! A new character appears in this chapter. I drew some pictures of her that I hope to put up.

This Halloween I'm going as Strong Bad. That is, if I can find some place to go. Maybe I should just crash a party.


Look maw, a new design! I got rid of the frames and put up a style sheet. You like?


Read me!

Visit my fanart page.


Last Tuesday I attempted suicide. I swallowed some pills but I couldn't bring myself to swallow the whole bottle. My RA found out about this because of a note a wrote on my dry erase board in a paranoid state. I was taking to the hospital the next morning by a school conselor. After waiting around all day I was taking to another hospital for treatment. I was just released yesterday, and am now at home.

I know this is rather personal, but I felt like sharing it. I tried to kill myself out of competiveness. I couldn't stand the idea of doing bad in school, even just getting a C grade. I now realize that college should not be a competition but an education. I am think of becoming Buddhist. After I had taken the pills, I didn't know if I was going to die or not, so I did my homework. My homework was reading the Lotus Sutra, a sacred text of Manayana Buddhism. Reading it really touched me. I'm not certain, but I am interested.

You can email me if you want, but I'll be fine now. Just look at my website and enjoy.


I've published the second chapter of Weirdoes in Paradise! If that hasn't been updated yet, try here.


I put a page for my fanfiction on this site. Look in the menu under Homestar Runner Fanfiction. Or, if you're too lazy, click here.


This fanfic was taken off fanfiction.net, but now you can download it here! I like to call it, Stinkoman 20x6.


I'm back at college now. Hooray. Now read my fanfics!


Here is my Fanfiction.net site. I have one fanfic up and another coming. While you're there, check out Pom Pom's Eleven. It'll make your face implode.


Well, today's my 19th birthday. Hooray. Not much happpen. I now have an acount with Fanfiction.net, but I have to wait three days til I can post something. I'll update when the waiting period's over.


cruise ship

I'm going to Bermuda! See you in a week.


Dang, it's been two months since I've updated! Still getting a lot of hits, thanks to St.Faye. Well, I'm here to point your attention to this thing I wrote for Ishmael's Den, called The Machine. Part parable, part essay. It is my view of Quinn's work. Read it!


Cute Brownish Kitten
Small, brown kitten
Look at it, take a
deep look into this poor things eyes. Every
time you masturbate you kill one of him, or
her. God knows what it is, but it's gonna be
dead soon, because of you. You sick, sick boy
(or girl).

Every time you masturbate... which kitten does god kill?
brought to you by Quizilla


Wow, there has been quite a surge of hits lately. That's good. I think I may be redesigning the site soon. This current look is old and busted.


Finals' Week


Today is Earth Day, when we pretend we care about this mysterious thing called the "enviroment". If you are actually interested in saving world, please go to Ishmael's Den. You can also acess it from the menu, it's under "Who is Ishmael?". If you have anything to submit to me, please send me an email. Thank you.


Which Gackt are you most like?
quiz by mcvarmazi

I always thought I was secretly a black winged androgynous J-pop singer, but now I have proof!

Also, Lisa may be getting married. You decide!


Apparently this site is popular among people looking for Faye Valentine rape pics. I don't have those, but I do have FREE PARIS HILTON SEX TAPES!!!

Strange Lisa's Blog has been getting a lot of hits. One day I got like 70 hits. Maybe I should do a blog and reveal my life to strangers.


The Hysterical Woman Doll

The Hysterical Woman Doll. Avalible now in fine adult stores everywhere.


The highlights of my spring break:


Strange Lisa's Weblog. Powered by Bravenet.




What do these three things have in common?

Spring Break starts on Friday. I'm going to go on a suburban vacation and lounge about in my sexy revealing pajamas, sipping cool tap water. Ahhh...


See, that's Gendo Ikari, and that's his weenie of a son Shinji, and thats the teen clone of Gendo's wife that Shinji wants to bone, and SHE'S this psycho German redhead and THAT'S the Lance of... Look, I don't understand "End of Evangerlion" either, much less why PJ is compelled to keep drawing it... —Doc Evil

So which scene was he drawing? The scene where Shinji masturbates over Asuka or the scene where Shinji chokes Asuka to life? That was a f*cked up movie. Thank you, Doc Evil, for opening up the doors for Dolly as Asuka captions (and Bil as Gendo?)

Won't you be Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop just once more? —Namgubed the Merry Elf


Worship this, m*tha-f*cka!


Saw part of Fight Club last night. Just beautiful. Will report more later.


Ill Met By Starlight. Read it. I read it a while ago and just reread it all last night (in one sitting, always a bad idea). It's a Ranma 1/2 fanfic, but even if you haven't heard of the series you can still enjoy it. In fact, even if you hate all fanfiction (even MSTings), you might enjoy it. It's that good.


I just finished reading "Beyond Civilization" by Daniel Quinn. It's for when you finish reading the Ishmael trilogy, this explains some ways to "walk away". I found what he said about the homeless interesting. He says the homeless are beyond civilization, so civilization is always trying to "fight" homelessness, instead of letting them live on the streets and scavenge for civilization. This interests me inspecial because I have a fantasy of living on the street. However, I'm afraid of rape, plus I probably don't have the skills. Maybe some other way.


Santorum. Spread it. This guy said "[The] right to privacy…doesn't exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution." What a bunch of santorum.

I found this line look through my spam:"-ADLT- Watch what Cute Co-Eds do before Spring Break". Before spring break? What, is it pictures of them packing? Ordering plane tickets? How erotic.


Quote: I'd love one! I am happy this captions got accepted, because rarely does the first thing you think of sound so good.

On a serious, topical note, it feels like this election is driven on fear. Some people are afraid that if we lose Bush the terrorist will attack, and others are afraid that if Bush wins we'll end up in a fascist empire. I am with the latter. As Ben Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

In a serious but less topical note, this French bashing is weird. 1)They are our allies. If we hate our allies so much then what about our enemies? 2)Lots of other countries didn't support the war, such as Germany. You can't accuse Germany of being cowardly pacifist. 3) Buying their wine but then pouring down the gutter is a horrible way to protest. They still get the money, but now you don't get the wine.


Must give props to my sister. She has a new webpage, with a Harry Potter takeoff of the Very Secret Diaries. Please attend, motha-f*ckas!

Very lonely at school, as one of my only friends has gone missing. Sadness is to lose.


Whatever happened to Some Random Guy? He was funny. Also, when is Web Site Number 9 going to come back up?


No classes, drat.


I'm now back in college. Classes start tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Added a new file to The Keane Files. I'm really hoping that Bil never sees this.


I finally saw Return of the King on Monday. I liked it, but I couldn't help but feel like it was bad for me to watch this violent fantasy. I've been thinking more about Ishmael and the problems of civilization. I feel like I'm in too much with this bread and circus that pacifies the public. Now I feel depressed whenever I think of LOTR. My head is too filled with pop culture and not enough real life. I want to live in the present, in the real world. Sigh. At least I'm going back to college this Saturday.

Again, CafePress mechandise, think on it.


Final finished Strange Lisa's Weblog. It's hard writing for a six year old with the experience of a 80 year old hooker and the mind of a 12 year old. I wish I could have written more. I like her first entry.

Again, please think about CafePress mechandise. I don't want to do it if no one will buy.


Changed the color scheme on my brother's advice. Quote: "My eyes!!!" I hope you like this better.

Would anyone be interested in CafePress mechandise for this site? I was thinking maybe something for The Keane Files. Please e-mail me, my e-mail's below.


Happy New Years! I archived the old Current Obsession, you can find it on the bottom of thi 1