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Alec Su's new CD "Wan Zhen De" is out on sale now. And his second song "Kuai Le Zhu Yi" is now playing on yes933. Here is their comments on his song "Kuai Le Zhu Yi":
People say Alec Su got famous through acting, but his sining was not bad after all. Till now, he still bears in mind the importance of CDs. So why not apply both his acting and singing skills on his songs? This time round, he tried this challenging song, but it dosen't seem that challenging!
Recently, there's an activity in Lianhe Zaobao, if you've noticed it. It's about voting for your idols and every wednesday, there will be weekly results, the coupon for voting is found in the "Xian Zai" section. Till now, the results of 3 weeks votings are out. Coupons are found in the "Xian Zai" section of Lianhe Zaobao everyday.

First week-Top 10: Vicki Zhao Wei is                   one of the top 10 idols                        voted, and Alec Su is in      the top 11-20.
Second week-Top 10: Vicki Zhao                            Wei
               Top 11-20: Alec Su
Third week-Top 10: Alec Su managed                   to squeeze up into the top                   10 best idols,                     unfortunately,
                 Top 20- Vicki Zhao Wei                 slipped out of Top 10.
Fourth week- Top 10: Both Alec Su and Vicki Zhao.
Fifth week- Top 10- Alec Su
Top 20-Vicki Zhao
Last week- Alec Su got 3rd position, Vicki got 19th.
For more details, refer to Lianhe Zaobao
For the voting of idols in Lianhe Zaobao, coupons are required to be pasted behind the envolope instead of putting them into the envolope as this makes it easier for the people-in-charge to count them.
Alec Su's Chu Qu Zhou Zhou has got on to position no. 1 for UFM1003 Yiu Shi Liu Xing Bang".
Unfortunately, Alec Su's Chu Qu Zhou Zhou dropped out of the board in yes933's Zhui Xing Long Hu Bang, but the good news is this song-Chu Qu Zhou Zhou topped UFM1003's Yiu Shi Liu Xing Bang. For more details, refer to the song board page.
22/8/02-Man enough for these babes?
Get on web with 3 babes next Monday. Fans of Taiwanese actress Shu Qi,Chinese starlet Vicki Zhao Wei and Hong Kong actress-singer Karen Mok will have a field at a webchat hosted by STI Interactive, the Internet arm of Straits Times. For an hour from 1pm, the stars will be the premises of STI Interactive in Toa Payoh North to answer questions posted by their fans. They will be in Singapore to promote the action film, So Close, which is directed by Cprey Yuen. opening here on Sept 12, the films stars, Shu and Zhao as sisters who battle a computer mogul and Mok as a police officer who gets drawn into the tussle. Korean actor Song Seoung-Heon of Autumn In My Heart fame stars as Shu's love interest. To chat, long on to and sign on as an AsiaOne member. Non-AsiaOne member can be registered for free. The chatrooms will be opened at 12pm.
Source: The Straits Times
27/8/02- So Close or not
The top 2 questions on our minds yesterday were: How close were the tree leads on the sets of So Close and just how close did Vikci Zhao get to Karen Mok in the infamous kissing scene?
We thought we smelled trouble even before the press conference began. When we asked the Columbia Tristar Flims representative if we could interview Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao and Karen Mok, we were told that all three had to be interviewed together to avoid situations where the actresses would feel that the press was biased against any one of them. But at the hour-long press conference, there was no sign of the animosity and rivalry among the girls tha the Hongkong press alleged was evident on the sets of So Close. But then, they didn't interact much either. Shu Qi, 26, entered the room with a nary smile on her face and spent much of her time doodling on a pad, looking like she wished she was a thousand miles away(with Leon Lai?). Karen, 32, was gracious, but ever so slightly bored, looking spaced out at times. Vicki, 26, was the only one who kept a smile on her face and presented a sparkling demeanour to the press. Attempts at asking personal questions fell flat, deflected by the stars. When asked about the rumours of rivalry on the movie set, Shu Qi asked testily in Madarin: " I was very angry with reporters in Singapore as well?" Said a more pleasant Vicki: " When you have three actresses in the same movie, reporters will always say we can't get along. That's not true, we sometimes play majong together." When director Cory Yuen was asked if he treated all 3 stars equally, he replied in Madarin: "The script was so well written that I think they all had equal time." Then a reporter pointed out that Shu Qi's picture on the poster was obviously bigger than the others. "I don't think so. They all look the same size to me. Besides, Shu Qi is supposed to be a big sister in the movie, so the poster has to give the impression." he said.

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Concerts and activities
17/8/02- Alec Su's concert in Hang Zhou(China)
31/8/02- Alec Su's Concert at Chang Cheng(China)
Early Octorber- Alec Su's arrival at Singapore.
3rd October- Alec Su will be arriving in Singapore.
In Singapore only:
3rd October- Having a mini concert in NY Polytechnic.
3rd October- Will be on air in radio stations yes 933 and ufm1003.
For yes933, it is from 9 to 10pm.
For ufm1003, it is from 10pm to 1am.
4th October- 7 to 8pm:Autograph Session at Junction 8 Bishan
4th October- 10 to 11pm-Performance at Canto
5th October- 3 to 3:30pm:Westmall (I-weekly)
5th October- 5 t0 6:30pm:Oosh Pub with Dongli 883
5th October- 7 to 9pm: Mediacorp Radio Carnival at Takashiya Civic Plaza.
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19/9/02-Minor News of Alec and Vicki
Alec Su- Singer-actor Alec Su, who came in third in Lianhe Zaobao's "Popular Asian Idols " poll last week, is coming to Singapore on Oct 3. He will stay here for 3 days to plug his album and give a campus concert at NY Poly.
Vicki Zhao- Vicki Zhao's agent has denied talks that the actress will appear in Wong Kar Wai's flim, 2046, alongside Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi. Apparantly, Zhao's deal with the director specifies that she will work with him only if she's the top-billed actress.

Source: Straits Times