Welcome to this very special room of Hzgg House.
What is this place for?
This special room is basically to hold various special information or images for all huanzhugege fans. Feel free to save anything or take anything you want here. Including any information. This room is divided into many different sections by a line.
Your very own screen saver!
For those who are not sure where to download screen saver, then here's where you can make your very own! Just save all pictures which you want to be included in your wallpaper into one folder. For example, I shall save them into My Pictures. Then, open My Computer and go to Control Panel, then open display and open the Screen Saver section. Scroll down the list until you find the "My Pictures Screen Saver" button. Click on it and click apply. There, you have it! If you did not save the pictures into My Pictures, do the same thing(click on the My Pictures Screen Saver button). Then, click on settings to change the file name. There, u have your own screen saver!
Some animated pictures below
Here's a picture of the HZGG II cast. More pictures will be added in the HZGG III gallery here.
HZGG III gallery
Here are some Huanzhugege Headers.