[a cat walking away from a crushed spider]

Hi. This is i0lanthe's geocities page. It is not very interesting. This saves me the trouble of updating it.
Looking for?Go here
iRogue, iLarn, or kMoria http://roguelike-palm.sourceforge.net
PaleoHack http://paleohack.berlios.de/
the PalmOS port of robotfindskitten, http://robotfindskitten.org or http://sourceforge.net/projects/rfk
long-neglected journal advogato
Baby stuffright here


1. Are the roguelike-palm ports still alive? (iRogue, iLarn, kMoria, PaleoHack)
They are sort of undead brain-eating zombie software at this point. I am chronically short on free time.

2. Any chance of a port of NetHack?
No, BUT I hear that the truly dedicated or insane can play the Atari port of Nethack on PalmOS inside an Atari emulator. :-o

3. Any chance of a port of Angband, ADOM, or whatever?
Sorry no.