Welcome to my art page! ^_^ 

Please bear with this temporary set-up until I figure out a better layout or something. I couldn't stand using the Yahoo photo album since it didn't allow non-Yahoo account holders to view the full sized pics. 

Below are links to some of my artwork (both old and new) that I have created. Please feel free to look through them and send any comments to : i0mega0ne@yahoo.com

All the original conceptions below are copyright Gareth '0mega0ne' Tan (That's me!). All fanart is copyrighted by their original creators. If you'd like to post or use any of my art I'd much appreciate you letting me know that you used them, and to label them as mine. I don't take kindly to art snatchers. 

More to be added when I finish them (...enough to scan 'em ^_^) or when time allows.