New to the site but sounds like a great one from what I read so far!

Interesting site!

New to this site, would like to say hi.

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Matt! your site gets better every time we stop in to take a peek. You had your site listed at our old one. Do you have your site listed at our new: IvoryAngels.com/yabbse2 .
Butch and Angel

Come and visit Jackson Hole, have room enough for family of four.
Al Wendt

Love Your site! Check mine out at: http://customt-shirts.20fr.com/index.html

It's amazing how you get information on these contests.
R Kusamura

Im glad to find your site; Im not having much luck with all the old established sites. Thanks for this one!

A very interesting and very informative site, Thank you!....
Terry P.

What a neat site!!

Thanks for your encouraging site!!!

Hi, Your new site is great! I was just directed to it by a friend. I also have a website, www.sweepstakes-123.com, I would love to switch links with you.

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Reverend Dr. Donia Gonzales Copeland

Great Site! I just launched the new Contest Blog at http://www.contestblog.com/ Thanks!

I belong to a Canadian site that I noticed is not included on your web site. Its called sweepstakescanada and it lists hundreds of current contests each week that most sites dont list. It is a Membership site, but its well worth the cost.

I am so happy I found this site. I can spend hours here.

If you have newsletter sign me up!

You have a great web site & i enjoyed my visit, keep up the great work :)

What a great idea! Now maybe I'll be able to win my very first sweepstakes. One should work for me!

WOW! You have done your research, Matt! I own sweepstakeswinner.com, can I get listed here? Google will also form-fill. Nice job!!!

Nice site, lots of good links! Good job.

You have a wonderful site. I wanted to let you know that Zaptastic sells defective software, refuses to offer support, and refuses to refund money. They also accuse their customers of spam if they send more than one e-mail asking for help.

Do you have a sweeps supply site...I didn't see one, but it might be nice. I love the site by the way. how long has it been up...cant believe I just recently found it!

Thanks for posting on my board... I have visited your site a couple of times.. very informative... :) http://pub84.ezboard.com/blovetoyou
liz (lovetoyou)

This is GREAT! You've really put a lot of work into this site! Thanks so very much and many continued blessings!

Great site! Thanks for the link to my yahoo group Vegas_Sweeps. Hopefully more people will surf on over to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vegas_sweeps/

You have the best sweeps page I have ever seen. Great job!!! I made it my homepage immediately and sent a link to sister. I love your site!!!
Jo Ann

Great job on such a thorough list of sweepstakes links. What a nice resource!

Thanks for the new site! It looks great! I have been looking around and I am still exploring, but I love it so far! Thanks for the heads up!

Matt thank you! Your new site is absolutely wonderful! It is a sweeper's dream site!

Your Website looks GREAT!! Sweepstake Wallpaper Envelopes for sale - contact grannyc@yhti.net or go to wallpaper envelopes on Ebay for grannycmc to check them out.

Just to say hey from little Denmark interesting site you have. Bye-bye

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