This is my 160 Suzuki Quadrunner.
(I think it's a 94' model, but can't remember)
This is "Buddy Black", my 1967 Mustang.  Black with Red vinyl interior.
Date Created: 3-21-01
This is my newest baby.  A 1980 Z28 Camaro transformed into my biggest, loudest toy.  We bought it from a guy who was selling it for his uncle or something.  It had been raced at the track at Mt.Ida in the early 90's I think, so that's why it's all beat up already.  These pics were taken before the lettering was done and before the hood was finished.  I know it's not the greatest-looking car ever, but it'll do for now. 
Yep, we all know a race car is no good without sponsors right?  Well, I need sponsors to help me keep this car running, so if you know anybody that would sponsor a race car, email me.  It would help me out SO MUCH. Plus, it would be great advertisement for any business to have it's name on the side of a race car that is seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of people each week.  So if you can help us I would be so greatful.  Below in flaming yellow letters is my email address... that's how to contact me.  Well, Cya at the finish line! -Sunny D.
email Sunny D.!
Me and Buddy
Newer pic of the car