My name is Christina or Kris.  I am 22, bi, and live in Harrisburg, PA.   Im usually on my computer or partying with my friends.  I like movies, music, sleeping, dancing, drinking, road trips, piercings, tattoos, chatting online, swimming, jet skiing, camping, looking at the stars, reading, and just having a good time with my friends.  I have my tongue, eyebrow, labret, medusa, left rook, both traguses and both nipples pierced and my ears are pierced 14 times and one tattoo, so far.  Currently my hair is black, but it is naturally brown and i have been blue/green, blonde, purple, and red.  My favorite tv shows are OZ, Queer as Folk, Buffy, Angel, Carnival, Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under, Dead Like me, the L Word and Sex and the City.  I like all types of music, except country and classical!  Thats just some random info bout me.  I love meeting new people so just message me sometime! 
I'm usually on aim or yahoo under i3abistar or icq 142107883.  My email addy is  If you wanna chat sometime, just sent me a message.
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Gotta figure out what i want to do with this space, i had to delete a bunch of stuff when i realized it was way outdated!  I'll try to update this as soon as i can!  This site needs a lot of work!