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The DJ Loofa Sponge Series
This series is the definate must have of the new year. The series includes the original DJ Loofa Sponge Video, The CD- Work in Progress, the newley completed version of Billy Bob and his Bitty Baby Bike, The New Years Night Video featuring Alison and The New Years Night CD. This set is being sold at the low cost of $55,000,000. A Very low price. This must have set can be sold to you is is you E-Mail us at HcuHbedH@aol.com.
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Ok, here's the dilly-yo. I am a girl. Yup. That is the truth. I have ran into more walls and doors this week then every other week in my life... COMBINED!!! OMG! My brother once ran into a wall and broke his arm. My family is weird like that. I an totally not kidding about everything I write. Also, beware of the evil coconut. Try to meet new friends, like Bob, the coolest guy in town. As long as you do the things that I, a girl, ask of u, u will be terifficly happy. It's true. Oh, and just so we don't get confused on this, you don't listen to all girls, just me. I was just stating that I was a girl. Actually, I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. But, ya know all i need is time, a slight moment that is mine while I'm in between. I'm really not a girl. Thank you and goodnight. enjoy the haunting feeling that you read these words. Especially that you were subjected to the most awful word in the whole entire world -----> BLA! I leave you with that. Good morning, good afternoon and, of course, good night.

I like to ramble when I'm bored and I'm bored now so, well, you can do the math. Unless you can't, hmm... well the moral of the story is I'm gonna ramble. hmmm.... I dont't have anything to ramble about! NO!!! uh oh, look down, Leah eating turtle, I'm Leah math again.........................

Hello again, this is me, Leah, at a different time in my life... now. I've escaped from the turtle, it was a struggle but I'm alive. Uhhh... I think that things like toasters should rule the world cause they can't tell people what what to do...
Leah Eating Turtle
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"You gotta be shtocked broked and shtoked and stuff."
"This is... my christmas tree."
"Aye maddie, they be troublesome waters up the creek."
"(cough) Eww, Grose."
We're hunting dead presidents."
Me- Did you just hang up on her?
Kira- No why?
Me- Cause I just did
"I've Been Parasailing!"
"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..."
"You're a Nice Person"
"Sorry I was just thinking about your gay brother"
If you don't know me, don't sign the guestbook unless you're a nice person!!!
Don't request rap music cause i hate it so it's pointless
HELLO! It's been a while people... a long while... I'm not going to change this at all I'm just adding this. This as no point. I just think it's time for a few fresh words. If you've noticed this change scream now... no not loud enough... ok that'll do. I'm excited for stuff that's going on in my life. I seem to have lost some of my random sense of humor which is a bummer. Well, I'll let this website be a lasting token of my more awesomer days before.