Dell Inspiron 5100 Overheating Problem

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Dell has recently come out with a new laptop called the Inspiron 5100, and have labeled it as a desktop replacement.  The Inspiron 5100 boasts a Desktop Pentium 4, great video card options, 15" SVGA+ screens, up to 1 gig of memory, and a price tag that is hard to beat.  This, combined with Dell's excellent sales and strong marketing efforts towards selling this machine, has prompted literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to buy the Inspiron 5100.

However, this computer has MAJOR DESIGN FLAWS, which result in the computer overheating and then shutting down automatically.

If you are searching for the SOLUTION to your overheating Inspiron 5100, which is shutting down automatically, click here and follow the steps outlined in the articleHowever, please come back to this page and read below.

As of today, , Dell has not officially recognized this as a problem, and as such, they are doing absolutely nothing to rectify this problem.  Why?  Well, if we choose to give Dell good assumptions, we could assume this is because they are unaware of how widespread this problem is and how many people it is affecting.  Because of this, one of the main goals of this site is to serve as an informative tool for Dell to show them that there are many, many users with this problem.

As such, we ask that if you are a Inspiron 5100/5150 user, that you do the following things:

  • Sign our "Guestbook", which in reality, will simply serve as an online collection of all users who are having this problem.  There are spaces to say when you bought your computer, when your problem started, did you fix your problem by following "the solution", and other questions, such as, will you ever purchase from Dell again if they do not rectify this situation.
  • Send Dell an emailed complaint!  We've made a sample complaint letter, which you can simply insert your basic personal information into, such as your name, email, express service code, etc.  Then just email it to the address that is provided.  Click here to view the letter along with the Dell Customer Care Email address.
  • SPREAD THE WORD.  Tell other users about this page so the numbers can go up.  If Dell can get enough complaints, they will have do to something about this.

Thanks for your time.  Hopefully Dell will solve this issue soon.

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