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b-log = bala's-log

Hi, I am Balakumar Muthu, a strong passionate blogger, java, open source programmer, web developer and highly motivated by web, wireless and user experience technologies. Welcome to my my thoughtpad on web , google, java, user experience, apache, linux, opensource, mac, mobile, xml, eclipse, technical gadgets, geeks and my personal stuff. Please do send me your comments or views at i5bala@yahoo.com. Until then Happy blogging sorry b-logging.

:: My B-log Moved to http://i5bala.blogspot.com

// go to my new b-log at http://i5bala.blogspot.com

I have MOVED my B-log to http://i5bala.blogspot.com. After a very long manual B-logging, I thought it's time for me to start using automated B-logging tool like Blogger. This will help others to post comment and share views and make the network big, has feeds. Please Note: Only my B-logging has been moved, but my other informations will be maintained and updated in this same website http://oocities.com/i5bala. I would like to thank all the people for their support and please do kindly continue to read my new updated and interesting B-log at http://i5bala.blogspot.com, thank you :).

// voice of bala. all your comments are welcome:) !. 13|02|05

:: I attended the Extramural Lecture by Richard Stallman [RMS]

Yesterday, I attended the Extramural Lecture by Richard Stallman [RMS] - GNU Founder, at HSB, IIT-Madras who explained about software patents and its causes. RMS came to chennai for startup of FSF- chennai. >>

// voice of bala. feeling good to attend such lectures. 08|02|05

:: Improved Performance in J2SE1.5

Some More features are noted below:
  1. If you haven't started a desktop Java application in the last few years, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. The introduction of class data sharing (in combination with other streamlining options) has shaved nearly 30 percent off the startup time for some applications.
  2. The J2SE 5.0 64-bit JVM delivered record results with the AMD64/Opteron CPU and Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 8.0 SLES 8.0. In addition, the 32-bit version of the JRE can run side by side under the same 64-bit OS for use with existing 32-bit web browsers.
  3. The JVM is now self-configuring and self-tuning on server-class machines. A server-class machine is a machine with two or more CPUs and at least 2 GB of memory. The server-based performance ergonomics kicks in by rightsizing both the memory required and the class of optimizations needed for longer lived applications. This has resulted in an 80 percent improvement on one application server benchmark without changing a line of code or supplying any runtime options!
  4. The Java platform already contains a pluggable Look-and-Feel framework. The addition of the new Ocean Look-and-Feel enables cross-platform applications to switch between Ocean or the native operating system's look-and-feel, without the need to rebuild or recompile them.

// voice of bala. great change in VM. 05|02|05

:: Reduce Coding Effort using J2SE1.5

Few features are noted below:
  1. Many of the J2SE1.5 changes reduce the amount of code a developer has to write. The above figure quantifies that reduction, in comparison to J2SE 1.4.2. To take a real life example, one open source application server uses over over 2,000 Iterators. By substituting the new enhanced for loop, the code would be reduced by up to 40,000 characters. To a developer, that is a saving of at least two hours of solid coding (5 characters a second).
  2. The introduction of class data sharing (in combination with other streamlining options) has shaved nearly 30 percent off the startup time for some applications.
  3. The J2SE 5.0 64-bit JVM delivered record results with the AMD64/Opteron CPU and Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 8.0 SLES 8.0. In addition, the 32-bit version of the JRE can run side by side under the same 64-bit OS for use with existing 32-bit web browsers.
  4. The addition of metadata into the platform provides the greatest scope for reduced development time through the use of tools that can generate boilerplate code and configuration information. In the case of SOA and web services, as defined in JSR 181, developers should expect to see over a 50 percent reduction in code by auto-generating common code. The preceding figure shows a metadata JAX-RPC example from 209 to 95 characters, Enhanced for loop using generics 139 to 100 characters, non-generic enhanced for loop for each 121 to 90, to/from autoboxing 69 to 56 characters.
  5. Metadata will reduce the amount of effort required for deployment descriptors. One proposal for EJB 3.0 removes the need for any deployment descriptors by default by generating the configuration information from the application itself. >>

// voice of bala. very good changes in many issue. 03|02|05

:: I am the Supreme Nerd God! ?

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

As everyone is checking their nerd level from wxplotter website. I too took up the test and checked about my nerd level and I could get only this Low Score ;) and the result states me as "Supreme Nerd God!" and I am nerdier than 99% of all people. I believe Nerd Quiz is not big enough to calculate our Nerd thing. You too can take up the test from here.

// voice of bala. hmmmm... OK!. 02|02|05

:: Changed Firefox's Default Icon to Java Coffee Cup!

Changing Firefox's icon default icon is relatively simple. Yesterday, I tried that and did it. Look above the icon I have changed the default icon to Java coffee cup.

How to change:
  1. Go to the Firefox folder in (e.g. C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\) and then go to the subfolder chrome.
  2. In chrome, create a new subfolder called icons, then go to that folder and create yet another subfolder called default. The full path to this folder could be C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome\icons\default\.
  3. Choose the .ico you want to use and then place it in this folder and rename it to main-window.ico, and restart the Firefox.

// voice of bala. very simple. 01|02|05

:: New Download Page for Eclipse

Eclipse Foundation has created a prototype Web page for downloading Eclipse files and code. It replaces the old download page and is designed to make it easier to download Eclipse, find files and other downloads, and find a mirror for downloads. >>

// voice of bala. think it will be faster. 31|01|05

:: A J2SE 5.0 Tweaking Guide

I found a diagnostic guide for J2SE 5.0, help trouble-shoot problems. The document provides a description of the tools, command line options, and other items that can be used when analyzing a problem. The document also provides guidance on how to approach some general issues like memory resource issues. You can download that pdf from here.

// voice of bala. very good and informative guide. 30|01|05

:: ILUGC Meet up

Todays, ILUGC meet was really informative and highly interative and It helped me alot to have a good and better understanding about the shell commands, regular expressions. I would like to extend my BIG thanks to Hariram and Shakthi.

// voice of bala. i am eagerly waiting for the next weeks session :). 29|01|05

:: Using Preferences class in Java

Usually we have used Properties class to store the information about the user settings. But the file can be accessed by the user, Now with the Preferences API since JSDK 1.4, allows for the easy storage of user preferences without the developer having to worry about where this information will be stored. For example, when running an application in Windows, the preferences will be stored in the Windows registry. Look at the Prefs root node above, which stores my personal information in the registry using Preferences class.

// voice of bala. i think it is a better way then using Properties class. 28|01|05

:: IBM's School of the Future !

Big Blue's old Skunk Works building in Florida - where the IBM PC was invented - has reopened as Don Estridge High Tech Middle School. It's the world's most gadget-laden campus, pumped up with electronics for pedagogy, connectivity, and surveillance. This composite classroom shows some of the highest-tech equipment spread throughout the facilities. The Estridge campus is wired for surround sound and wireless mikes. The library is designed less for books and more for interaction-online and in meatspace. Bookshelves on wheels, overstuffed chairs, and Wi-Fi create a coffeehouse vibe. Chalkboards are out; whiteboards are in - they're easier on the eyes and on the lungs. And smartboards let teachers and students interact directly with computer-projected displays. Attendance at Estridge is recorded by handprint scanners at the door of every room. No more napping in class. Alongside the traditional sheet music and socially maladjusted students are electronic keyboards, mixing software, and MIDI files.

// voice of bala. that sound rocks! . 27|01|05

:: Do you know Google Calculator ?

Google Calculator, a feature less known by most of the people. It evaluates mathematical expressions. To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search box like 2+2 and hit the Enter key or click on the Google Search button. You will get the result as 4. The calculator can solve math problems involving basic arithmetic, more complicated math, units of measure and conversions, and physical constants. eg. +.- /, * and much more. >>

// voice of bala. i use it for some sqr functions. 26|01|05

:: Balloon Tool Tip in Java!

Yesterday, I tried to create a different kind of balloon tool tip [with the shadow] in Java, which looks similar to the one in Mac OS 9 - balloon tool tip and I am happy that I am able to do it to some extent. Look at the screen shot with the black shadow.

// voice of bala. i would like to create the balloon tips, in different shapes. 25|01|05

:: iWork '05 Keynote 2 and Pages

Steve Jobs revealed iWork '05 during his Macworld Conference. As the successor to AppleWorks, iWork features Keynote 2 and the new word processing application Pages and integrates, via a media browser, with the iLife suite of digital video, audio and photography software. Apple expects to ship the new bundle on Jan. 22 for US$79. Keynote 2 include the ability to export presentations in Macromedia Flash format, animated text effects, new transitions and themes and more. In addition, you can now use the software to create interactive and self-playing presentations. Pages includes 40 templates for creating everything from brochures to resumes to newsletters, with support for dynamic text wrapping and alignment guides. Supported file formats PDF, Adobe Photoshop, TIFF, JPG, QuickTime and others is also included. >>

// voice of bala. suddenly lots of good things happens in apple! - great job, jobs. 24|01|05

:: Linux Glossary for Newbies!

I found a interesting Linux Glossary for Windows users from IBM, highly informative and terms are defined in simple manner. Links are also provided to get more informations. You can download it by clicking here.

// voice of bala. nice for linux newbies. got any article like this, please do share with me at i5bala@yahoo.com. thanks in advance. 23|01|05

:: I am Planning to sell my Never Used Joystick !!

Recently, I attended the Baazee's [an e-bay company] training on how to sell products more effectively and safely on the net in Reliance Web World, It was really informative and a good interactive session. Now I am planning to sell out my never used [really, as I never play games, do believe me ;)] Genius Flight F-22 Joystick - specially designed to handle-grip keeps you comfortable and reduces fatigue. Four easy-to-access buttons never let you miss a shot. It provides adjustable and multiple views with a touch of a button for convenience. Speed controller make games virtual Rudder: Instant virtual reality 3D control gives you excitement. 4 way easy-to-access buttons let you be superior in all games. Innovative design should last a lifetime. Sturdy base keeps control stable. It is still in its big good pack, received as a compliment for buying my PC. Hope I will get a good bid.

// voice of bala. if you plan to buy, do mail me at i5bala@yahoo.com, lets settle for a good bid :). 23|01|05

:: Using System Tray in Java !

Yesterday night, to make my application reside on the System Tray, I worked with 'SysTray for Java' an API written to enable Java applications access the system tray. The coding is simple and good and supports the creation of submenus, checkable menus, and allows modification of everything during runtime. >>

// voice of bala. i am planning to try other system tray api's for java. 22|01|05

:: Creating Z-ORDER in Java

J2SE 5.0 adds a number of enhancements and makes a number of bug fixes to AWT. One of these is added z-order support. The Container class in java.awt package provides two new methods setComponentZOrder(Component c, int layer) and getComponentZOrder(Component c). We should also make sure to use isOptimizedDrawingEnabled() method set to false to prevent, the components overlap. I have the code which clearly shows how to use z-order, shown below:

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class MyZOrder {

public static void main(String args[]) {
EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
JFrame frame = new JFrame("Bala's Favourite Technologies : Z-Order");
JButton first = new JButton("JAVA");
JButton second = new JButton("OpenSource");
JButton third = new JButton("Wireless");

int x=25;
int y=50;
int width=140;
int height=40;
int overlap = 25;
int widthDelta = width - overlap;
int heightDelta = height - overlap;

first.setBounds(x, y, width, height);
second.setBounds(x + widthDelta, y + heightDelta,
width, height);
third.setBounds(x + (widthDelta) * 2, y +
(heightDelta) * 2, width, height);

JPanel contentPane = new JPanel() {
public boolean isOptimizedDrawingEnabled() {
return false;
contentPane.setComponentZOrder(first, 0);
contentPane.setComponentZOrder(second, 1);
contentPane.setComponentZOrder(third, 2);

frame.setSize(300, 200);

// voice of bala. if you find any other methods like this please do share with me at i5bala@yahoo.com. 21|01|05

:: Nine Key Factors for Successful Technical Career

I read a very interesting MindTree's lecture series article - Nine Key Factors Behind a Successful Technical Career, is very short and good informative. You too can download these pdf from here.

// voice of bala. a must read for every growing technical professionals. 19|01|05

:: Working with Nokia's J2ME Suite

I am a regular user of Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 for creating MIDlets. Yesterday for a change I tried and worked with Nokia Developer's suite for J2ME, It is more or less the same like the WTK, but it includes a UI designer, Music tone modifier and the Emulator has very good look and feel [look at the screen shot]. It includes series 60, 90 phone emulators. But overall I love only the Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit. >>

// voice of bala. emulator seems to be very cool and more realistic. 18|01|05

:: Google Mini

Google Mini a new search appliance, helps small and medium-sized organizations with up to 50,000 online documents can get google search for their own websites and intranets and it comes with a price of $4995. It indexes the documents, and its security features ensure that users only see the documents to which they have proper access and easy to set up and minimal administration. >>

// voice of bala. seems google trys to retain their global search market in all ways, a good product. 17|01|05

:: Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0 Beta

Microsoft offered its first version of the anti-spyware program purchased from Giant Company Software. It offers a real-time monitor, automatic spyware-signature updates, and provides an optional peer-based exploit-detection data-sharing mechanism to help protect against fast-breaking new spyware woes. >>

// voice of bala. a long waited comes atlast, a must for all window users . 16|01|05

:: iPod shuffle

Apple introduced it's new 512MB and 1GB flash based iPod. It has no display and there's just two modes straight and shuffle is the key feature. It is just $99, which will and has made a big hit in the market within a short period. Along with it Mac Mini is also released. >>

// voice of bala. apple's technology is an fine art of cutting edge product. keep it up jobs. 15|01|05

:: I have GMail invitations

I have some GMail invitations, if you want it do drop in a mail to me at balakumar.muthu@gmail.com, along with your first and last name.

// voice of bala. hurry make it faster!. 14|01|05

:: I visited the 28th Chennai Book Fair

Today evening, I have visited the 28th Chennai Book Fair Organized by the BAPASI held in Quaid E Millet College, chennai. I am a regular visitor of this book fair since 1991. As usual I am bit confused on buying books, these time I browsed books mainly on JSP, Wireless technologies, Eclipse, WebSphere and some philosophical books too. I even bought some second hand books from outside the fair hall, the deal seems to be good too :). >>

// voice of bala. I am very much passionate and love :o) to visit such book fair, where i can browse books on various subjects. 13|01|05

:: Most popular mobile phone 2004

I have list the most popular mobile devices [according to Russell] in 2004, all the devices are color and most of them are with camera with very advance rich high resolution screen. Some of the devices are bluetooth enabled and with other great added value functions.

// voice of bala. i am planning to get my next mobile with camera, wifi, bluetooth, high resolution display. It also should has .net Compact Framework and j2me midp enabled. 11|01|05

:: Apache Struts Framework Tutorial

I found a very good step by step Struts framework, recommend for starters. Download tutorial from http://i5bala.blogspot.com/ Please Note: It can be downloaded from blog dated Friday, March 18, 2005.

// voice of bala. good tutorial. 08|01|05

:: Google Scholar released

Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web. >>

// voice of bala. now google search gets more refined. 18|12|04

:: I am using Ant in Ecplise for my scripts

For the past few months, I am experimenting and using ant in Ecplise platform for compiling, bulding and other purposes. Writing simple ant scripts is very interesting and I will continue to use it when and where every where possible, look at the screen shot.

// voice of bala. build.xml - ant is an handy tool. 12|12|04

:: Koders - Open Source search for code

Koders makes it easy for software developers to find existing source code that solves many common development problems. It provides codes for most of the programming language including java, .net, php and much more. >>

// voice of bala. koders a good reference when needed. 26|11|04

:: India government prefers Java

Financial express article states Java gets a thumbs up from government which says: Giving a government perspective on the increasing acceptance of Java, an official in the department of information technology (DIT) said, "Excise department's tender specifically said J2EE, department of company affairs project mentioned J2EE. Income tax project uses underlying J2EE technologies and many more large projects in the offing are expected to move towards J2EE. Some of the other government departments which are running on J2EE include the customs department and Employees Provident Fund. >>

// voice of bala. j2ee impacts now in goverments sectors in india. 13|11|04

:: My First Ecplise plugin

Yesterday night, I tried to create my first eclipse plugin, and created it successfully, look at the screen shot. My plugin added on the toolbar in a seperate 'actionset'. The development was not much tougher, also it's not easier either.

// voice of bala. that's a good start with PDE, i have to make it great!. 29|10|04

:: Google Desktop

Google has introduced the desktop search, which helps in searching email, files, web history and chats, lots of information in our computer. It also finds web pages we previously seen, email we sent or received, IM chats, and files on our computer. >>

// voice of bala. sunddenly, a lot of product releases happens in google. 28|10|04

:: Google SMS service

Google's introduced SMS service, sending an SMS to 46645 will help you to local search for businesses and residential addresses, Froogle searches, definitions, calculation results as well as area code and zip code lookups. If you forget how to use the service, send the word 'help' to get instructions or go to But the service is only for USA. >>

// voice of bala. the power of mobile is felt everywhere we go. 23|10|04

:: Ecplise SysDeo Tomcat Plugin

I downloaded and tried the SysDeo - Tomcat plugin for Ecplise platform. I started with a simple HelloServlet program [look at the screenshot]. The plugin automatically added in a new actionset in the toolbar. It is very simple to deploy servelts and jsp files using SysDeo in Ecplise. >>

// voice of bala. a very good and useful plugin for ecplise. 20|10|04

:: Mobile Virtual Girlfriend

Artificial Life in Hong Kong has developed a new game called Virtual Girlfriend. The game is due for launch at the 3G World Conference in Hong Kong on November 15, but has already created a storm of interest, especially in South America, Europe and Asia. Virtual Girlfriend players establish a relationship with a "girlfriend" and progress to new levels as the relationship evolves. The artificial girlfriend needs a lot of attention and likes gifts such as chocolates and flowers. To get "boyfriends" playing the game as often as possible, the company has designed play so that the girlfriend needs a visit every day. She has secrets the boyfriend needs to discover to get to the next level. She reveals the secrets little by little. The game uses technologies such as streaming, video and live chat. It has a natural language processor, text-to-speech voices, including English, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Unlike most other games, the user can chat live with the artificial girlfriend," Schoneburg says. The user can follow and interact with the girlfriend during different activities, such as when she is shopping, when she is out for a coffee with her friends, at the workplace or at her virtual home.

// voice of bala. virtual girlfriend!?. 19|10|04

:: Synth look and feel in Java

Yesterday, I tried one of the new most useful feature in the new Java - Synth. Synth is a new look and feel added to Swing J2SE 5.0. Synth is a skinnable look and feel, where the user interface is controlled by an seperate XML file. The UI properties can be set simply by using the XML file without writing code. It is very simple to use and modify. >>

// voice of bala. Simply changing the XML file, and without recompiling your program, is a good feature. 18|10|04

:: Symbol of Courage

Christopher, the superman who passed away :( was an real life inspirational hero , through his painstaking efforts to overcome total paralysis.

// voice of bala. one of my favourite real life here. 16|10|04

:: Amazying G5 iMac is here !

Apple's G5 iMac is amazying. I’m speechless. iMac G5 almost looks slimmer and lighter than Dell laptops, those things are bricks, and they’re supposed to be portable. Hope Apple has solved the heat problem. Personally Mac is one of my favourite and frequently used system >>

// voice of bala. apple has made it again. 10|10|04

:: Hey, I have received a gift from Sun Microsystem! :)

Haa! Haa! Haa! :) , Today I have received a java tiger-keychain gift [look above] along with some java powered stickers and java badges from Sun Microsystems, for testing java 1.5, and replying them about what are the features I like in the newer version. A very big special thanks to Mrs. Mary Smaragdis from Sun Microsystems.

// voice of bala. Greeeeeeeeat feeling! :O). 06|10|04

:: No MS Attachment

The GNU are trying to promote an end to the use of Word documents/Powerpoint presentaions etc as attachments. Quite rightly they point out that companies offer word documents as Application Forms. So you have to visit and take the prescribed action whenever you get a Word document. >>

// voice of bala. may be it would takes a longer time for that. 03|10|04

:: Tasting Java 1.5 Tiger

Today morning, I downloaded and installed Java 1.5 and started trying and testing applications on the newer version. There is big difference on the performance, a lot of new features and the look and feel "ocean" too is cool. >>

// voice of bala. i will try all the new features in 1.5 one by one. 02|10|04


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