Welcome to the Manassas SMART Recovery Meeting!


Consider this a standing invitation to join us at the 7PM SMART Recovery meeting in the old Marsteller School site (8730 Sudley Rd) Manassas, Virginia.

Directions: Take I66 to the southbound Rt 234 (Sudley Rd) Business Exit and follow 234 south 2 miles to the Prince William Hospital. Go past the Hospital and take a right at the 1st light (Diggs Rd) and make your 1st possible left hand turn off of Digges. This will put you in the rear of the school: park as close as you like, and enter the building. We will be meeting in Room 24.  See the Yahoo! Map button at the bottom of this page.

The Manassas Meeting will be going on "vacation" as of December with possible plans to reopen in 2005 either in Manassas or in the Ashburne area. This does not affect the other area SMART meetings, and there are other Tuesday meetings (not SMART meetings but good ones nonetheless) that you might be interested in attending...drop us a line. ThanksCLICK HERE!

 Our meeting is small, informal and, we like to think, friendly. We emphasize:


 The SMART® 4-Point Program for recovering from addictive and compulsive behaviors:
(1) enhancing motivation
(2) refusing to act on urges to use
(3) managing life's problems in a sensible and effective way without substances
(4) developing a positive, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.



Further information about SMART® may be obtained at the national web site at: SMART Recovery®
Further information about other meetings in the
Washington, DC area may be obtained at:

SMART Recovery - Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia - Information about Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Addiction, Alcoholism



People sometimes come to our meeting with some misconceptions about what SMART is or isn’t We are not an anti-group: we have our own set of concepts and ideas and we concern ourselves with those. Our interest is in the SMART “program” and not what’s right or wrong about some other organization. SMART’s approach to recovery is based on the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) as developed by Albert Ellis (Please read: What is REBT?). We think that change will only come about if you want it and pursue it for yourself: we will not tell you that we have found a “way” and that you must follow it. We present the tools and you decide whether or not to use them. The goal is for you to get on with your life, and not to become a permanent member/attendee: stay as long as the meeting is of benefit to you. We are maintaining a meeting, but not growing it: come on over and join us!


Questions?  E-mail us at: Manassas SMART Recovery


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[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of 8730 Sudley Rd
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