I love to play Spooky Slots, AliBaba Slots, and Sweet Tooth at Pogo.com, and I play at Neopets.com with my grand daughters.

My granddaughters Allison and Natalie like to play Poppit, and I have a terrific man in my life (LovMy2Grlz).

Dave & I both  play at Pogo.com and  compete for tokens. Currently he's winning !

Dave is a devoted father of two girls Tyla and Kelsey.

We love camping and when all our children are present, we have our own miniature Girl Scout Troup.
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LovMy2Grlz (on left)
Allison, Michelle, & Natalie
Dave's Girls Kelsey & Tyla
Zachary - Natalie - Allison
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