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Update: 2:00am 4/6/04
Working on updates to my truck, hopefully before I leave. For now, I have a page dedicated to my move to Alaska. Check it out for the first pictures of the move.

Update: 3:25am 12/15/03
Exactly 6 months since my last update I have finally added some pics of my "new" Bronco purchased in August. I found this gem on the web in Phoenix with only 36,900 miles!!! Go here to learn more. BRONCO

Update: 8:00pm 06/15/03
The updates are just flying in now. I worked on the June 3 chase today and went ahead and linked it..eventhough it isn't quite done. Hopefully tonight I will add the pictures to really complete that page. June 3, 2003!!

Update: 10:45pm 06/06/03
What a trip into the panhandle of Texas!! I got some great lightning pics and saw 2 HP supercells, both had tornado warnings, one dropped a rotating wall cloud and a brief funnel. The pics will be coming in the next couple days. STAY TUNED!!!!

Update: 11:30Am 06/01/03
After months of preparation and way too much money...we are going on a real storm chasing adventure!!! Todd Shoemake and I are leaving for Amarillo tomorrow (6/2) and will get home sometime Thursday. From Amarillo, we will go wherever the weather takes us. I will post pictures from the trip as soon as possible. Also coming soon will be pics of my truck, and its transformation into an actual storm chasing vehicle.

Update: 3:00pm 05/07/03
Finally updating and house-cleaning my home page as well as adding My Weather Page. Don't attempt unless you are weather worthy, otherwise, you may be hypnotized by the pretty colors.