What the difference between graffiti and petroglyphs?

emilnomel 2001

About two thousand years.

Someday I would like to have a glossary of Graffiti terms,
in the mean time I will share with you
the words I have found.

"graffiti, graffito, spraykunst, sprayburkar, taguer, stencil art, skrivare, kaerografia, sprueher, spuiter, style writing, urban writers, graffitispuiter, sprayangriffen, bombing, kreffetie, spraycan, graffitti, graphiteur, sprayburk, graphitti, glyptology, muurschilderkunst, graffiti art, spraypaint art, underground artist, graphituer, sprayburker, fr8s, taggerz, graffiti artists, wildstyle, street art."

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