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Welcome to Dragons & Magic 4

Because my bebe didnt want the story to come to an end, here is Dragons & Magic 4, the continuing of our sexy RP o.O I'm taking that if you're looking at this page, you prolly already seen my 3 other sites. If you didnt, then u can view them by clicking either here for Dragon & Magic , here for Dragon & Magic 2 or here for Dragon & Magic 3.

Still, the section "story" is where the RP (Role Play) is. The section "characters", is where you can see a pic of the main characters plus a lil description of each of them. There are 16 characters in this RP. I've created another interesting dragon's gallery but this time, instead of a gifs gallery, I've made a weapons gallery, with 40 swords and 52 daggers.

Don't forget to take a look at our links and sign our Guestbook. You can also link that site to yours if you wanna, just check the section "link to us" to see the banners I've created. To e-mail us, check in "about us".

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