It's Boogie Time

October 17, 1999.
9:00 pm.

Well, we've got a name (Don't Resist Me, Mama), a logo, and an idea, but not enough hours in the day. We will strive to update this oh-so-groovy webpage as often as possible but....

--The Oh-So-Groovy Don't Resist Me, Mama Webmistresses, Amy and Melissa.

October 18, 1999.
10:15 PM.
Amy's Desktop.

Minor update. I'm going to put in the names, and only the names, of the links. Don't even go searching for them. They're not there. They're still out there, some, WAY out there. Dance on.

October 26, 1999.
10:09 PM.
Amy's Desktop

Updates! We now have the Picture Section and the Advice Section up. Enjoy!

October 31, 1999.
10:06 AM.

We'd like to start of by saying Happy Halloween. Rent yourself the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and go wild, Bula. But aside from that, we've done it again! All the links, except for Biographies, Guide, Links, and Music are up! Enjoy!

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