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Sandra Bullock herself ;-)

Full Name: Sandra Annette Bullock
Date of birth: July 26, 1964
Place of birth: Arlington, Virginia (USA, East Coast)
Constellation: Lion
Education: Dropped out of East Carolina University
Relations: Father: John (voice coach), Mother: Helga (opera singer), Sister: Gesine (lawyer)

Eyecolor: brown
Hair Color: dark blond
Length: 5' 8'' (173cm)
Weight: 110-160 lbs (50-70kg)
Shoesize: 8 1/2 (42)

Here birthplace on a map

on this map you can see Sandy's exact birth place. Arlingtion is actually a suburb of Washington D.C. at the American east coast. Many of you might not know where Arlington is, but when you see New York or Philadelphia on the map, then you can imagine where it is.

Favorite Singer: Tom Jones... Samba, Classic, Jazz.
Favourite Food: Gummibears, Ice Cream and Chocolate ;-)
Interests: Salsa and Flamenco dancing, Hiking near Salzburg (Austria), Internet - search for immovables to renovate and do her correspondence, reading books from John Steinbeck, watching her favorite movies (all those with Audrey Hepburn, The Wizard of Oz...), to have fun with her friends...

Factoid: Was voted "Most Likely to Brighten up Your Day" in high school.
Nick name: Sandy

Short Biography

She is born in Arlington, a suburb of Washington D.D., as daughter of the German opera singer Helga Meyer and the American voice coach John Bullock. She grewed up with her sister Gesine between Washington D.C. and Germany. In Salzburg (Austria), where she still makes vacations, she loves it to hike in the mountains. Her family moved back to Washington D.C. while she was a teenager. In Washington D.C. she graduated from the Washington Lee High School in Arlington, in 1982. Later she finished the East Carolina University in Greenville, West Carolina, with great succes. She moved then to New York to start her career on the stage. Her first movie she played in was "Hangmen" in 1987. Later, in 1993, she played in "The Thing Called Love" as a country singer, because she has a big voice. The Hollywood-Succes came for her with the blockbuster "Speed" (1994). Other great movies were "While you were sleeping" (1995) and "A Time to Kill" (1996), with Mathew McConaughay. He was her friend for a short time. In 1997 she played in "Speed 2", but it was not such a big succes like the first part... unfortunately. Last year (1998) she became Americas most liked actress at the People's Chice Awards. This year (1999) she got another hit with "Forces of Nature" with Ben Affleck (former friend of Gwyneth Paltrow). It was in the US Top 10 for a long time and currently it is on place one in the German and Australian Charts and on place two in the UK Charts. We can really say that she is one of the most popular Hollywood actresses of this time. Good luck for the future! @->---

Where to contact Sandy

This is the usually supposed fan mail addy:
Sandra Bullock
c/o Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills CA 90212

Sandra's agent is:
Cynthia Shelton-Droke, she can be reached at
(310) 273-6700 ***never tried to call her***

Sandra's publicist is:
Brigid Walsh, she can be reached at
(310) 289-7000 ***never tried to call her***

Sandra's production company:
Fortis Films and Rebaw

Bullock, Sandra - 291 S. La Cienega Blvd. #616 Beverly Hills 90211
Bullock, Sandra - 9560 Wilshire Blvd #500, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Bullock, Sandra - P.O. Box 161090, Austin, TX 78716-1090 ***MY TIP***