Free Winamp Skins

Right. I've decided to make a graphic-less version of Brittle Wings for the winamp skin section. This is purely because there's so many skins here your page loading time is increased by the images on the past few layouts. So sit back and enjoy the skins, 'kay?

To download, click on a skin. The .wsz is inside the zip

Non Anime  


All winamp skins are made by Kajika @ Brittle Wings. I repeat - They are free. I make no money at all out of these so don't sue me. It would be a big 'ol waste of time anyway. Ya' dig?

These skins are completely free to repost and distribute as you see fit, as long as you don't claim to have made them or rip them apart. A little mail would be nice though >:P

For a tutorial on how to make winamp skins, see here. And please, if you're going to direct a link to it on your site/blog, please direct it to (I just can't be bothered rewriting all the pages on it...)