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Here is a little humble tribute to the greatest legend that has ever come to the American television, "the Most Inspirational TV Personality in America", and "the Most Powerful Man in the American Brocasting"-

This is created for those who give a damn about it.....


What the show looks like on Hong Kong TV

Feel free to take a look at the Gallery. Please click on the image above to enter. I have collected all the images over the past year on the web. But I must admit I haven't updated the photos since August 2001 because my computer is too lame to do any page-making tasks. Infuriating. Anyway I never stop collecting his pictures, someday I shall post them all at once.

I wanna thank those who are gracious enough to pay my little page a visit since it come into existence almost a year ago. I have long thought that my fanpage is weak in content. I can't even bear to look at it myself. I could have shut it down any time, but I don't want to...since it is a little something that gives people a message that Dave has a devoted and loyal fan somewhere far in the east- Hong Kong. I have watched the show for only two years, perhaps it is not a long time in your eyes, but I am sure I love Dave as much as you all do.:)


The following words were written in the days of my immature intelligence. (Not long ago, though...hehe) So please suppress your impulse to laugh...:

My name is Katie, a 20-year-old girl from Hong Kong who has been watching the Late Show since December 1999. I am a HUGE fan of Dave's!!! Before that time I knew the show had been on for almost a year but I had never commited myself to watching it because I found it terribly difficult to follow the show...The show is not presented with Chinese subtitles and at the time I was not used to his accent at all. Or should I say my english capability still proved not enough to understand his level of english. His english is unintelligible at times to me).


But one night in December I happened to switch channels in my parents' bedroom and there on the screen was the Late Show. The episode featured Al selling luggages in Texas and the guest was Gwyneth Paltrow. Something unusual came about while I was watching the show.... I discovered I could follow the show for THE FIRST TIME. I couldn't believe it. I was just ecstastic.I heard Dave uttering words like Louis Vuitton or creme de la creme, stuff like that. Since then I spent every single night watching the show.

From that day on my curiosity intensified about Dave. I read everything there was on the net about him. I learnt about his past, his old show at NBC, how he revolutionized the late-night television, and of course, his bitter past with that 'hump'. Though I have never seen his rival host his own show, I am sure he is absolutely nowhere near Dave at any level!!!


To the best of my knowledge, The Late Show With David Letterman is the first (and probably the last) American TV talk show that is ever introduced to the Hong Kong audience on mainstream TV. I don't think the local viewers have an idea of who Johnny Carson, Ed Sullivan or Steve Ellen is. We know nothing about the genre. Therefore this kind of TV show was brand new to us. We haven't seen stuff like that before. A guy sitting at his desk talking about everything, some people may say it makes no sense at all, but oh, it works perfectly for me. He can make a dumb joke look very smart, very funny! And he is just the funniest man alive! He is also eloquent and brainy.

Dave is really quite a character. While he is wallowing in the ugly worlds of show business, he can bow out of it. He shuns parties and interviews. Obviously he is not a man in the mad pursuit of fame and status. He makes it very clear that he has a strong desire to protect his privacy. He does add class and dignity to his own profession. This kind of guy is really something, isn't it?

Come to think of it, I should thank NBC for choosing Jay Leno to be the successor of the Tonight Show. The simple reason is, I wouldn't have had the fortune to know Dave if Dave had stayed at NBC since there is absolutely NOT a chance that we can see the Tonight Show in Hong Kong...We can watch the Late Show here because it is a CBS property and our TV station (ATV) has a steady trading relationship with CBS. As a result the show became part of the program package sold to ATV. So I think fate must have something to do with my encounter with Dave. Haha... what a blessing.

So this is it... Did you fall asleep? I wanted to make my Dave adventure as dramatic as I can. This is the best I could come up with then...

You may want to know how the show/Dave is doing in Hong Kong. Here are some facts: (unfortunately due to the ever-changing nature of local TV programming, (just)some of it is not regarded as eternal truth anymore)

11:15 PM (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), 11:45 PM (Wednesday and Saturaday, half an hour late due to the live coverage of horse racing...hate it!),


each episode is rerun the night after its first broadcast, but at a very late time slot, ranged from 1:25 am to 3:00 am

So, we can watch the same show twice. I love it because we have a second chance... so I can tape some segments I like in the second viewing of the show the other night. Now my Late Show archive features around 10 tapes of footage of the show. Quite proud of it myself.

ATV World, which gets the worst ratings of all four network channels here.

We see the show with just one day delay as ATV World tapes the show every morning via satellite. We are very lucky.

Uncertain. It's impossible to know the show's ratings here. No one bothers to report it. If anyone knows, I would be grateful if you could tell me. I know only two pals of mine who see the show on an irregular basis. But I guess he is absolutely not a total unknown to Hong Kong people since his heart surgery and his ratings triumph with Hillary Clinton were in the news. I do not want to jump to the conclusion about the exact degree of his popularity, but I have a strong feeling he is not appreciated here. Maybe it is because the general public can't understand what the show is about without the help of the subtitles. Our English standard is just ok general. (You may have noticed that in my writing.... ) Also, the show is of little interest to the Hong Kong viewers as we are not very familiar with what goes on in America in a general sense.

I don't remember exactly when. I was still unaware of his existence then. It must be somewhere in the late December in 1998.

To Dave:

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The David Letterman Webring


This page is not intended to be great and I 'stole' materials from other sites to decorate my page. I know it is NOT right. I know it is something to be ashamed of. Here I would like to acknowledge my debt to all of the rightful owners out there!! If you really hate it, please let me know.

Moreover, I know it is not much of a page, I don't know a lot about building webpages, but I think it would be great if I give it a shot. I hope you Dave fans won't get too disappointed. I know this page is still a mess and needs plenty of improvement...drop by once in a while and you might get a little surprise.

I have to say, it is the best I can do, making the best use of everything I have.

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