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Return Authorization
 RMA Information  
RMA number : 6794852
RMA date : Fri Aug 27 07:59:25 PDT 2004
RMA type : Return Exchange

This RMA number is valid for 30 days only, and authorizes ONLY the serials identified herein. Any unauthorized serials may be returned to you unrepaired at your own expense.

 Drives Included on RMA 6794852  
Serial Number   Product Number   Part Number   Warranty Status  
3JX8DXF0   ST340014A   9W2005-314   In Warranty  
 Ship To Address for RMA 6794852  
-Package all drives for a given RMA together.
-Print the following label and attach it to the outside of each box.
-Review our Packing and Shipping Instructions.

RMA #6794852
Accel ICIM Systems & Services Ltd.
(Seagate Warranty Replacement Depot)
No:132, Greams Road, II Floor
Murugesa Naicker Office Complex
CHENNAI - 600 006

Phone No- 044-52015161,52015162,52015163
Fax No - 044-252015170
Kind Attn : A.GANESH

 Packing and Shipping Instructions  

Carefully follow our Packing and Shipping Instructions.

Product warranty is void if the SeaShield cover or top cover or any seal or label is removed or damaged, if it is improperly packaged, or if the drive experiences shock in excess of its Gs rating.
 Customer Information  
Customer name :
Customer number :
Customer type : EU
Attention : Yogendra Singh
Address : #2221 Sector 15
City : Panchkula
State :
Postal code : 134113
County : Haryana
Country : India, Ahmedabad
Email :
Phone : 911722594929
Fax :
Purchase Order number :